October 22, 2020



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Can you feel it – it’s in the air

Can you feel it – it’s everywhere

It’s November and the skies are clear

Cool Christmas breezes blowing everywhere


Our first Northwester for the season rolled in last week

That’s the sign of our ‘winter’ with skies so bleak

Powerful and dangerous seas if you’re caught in the roll

Turning and throwing tons of sand up on the shore


We had some heavy rains but no real flooding

It was the perfect weather for the beach and walking

The ocean is shades of blue just what we all like

And the sky is so blue and the clouds so white


Today there are four cruise ships visiting our shores

This is a good sign and I certainly hope there will be more

Here’s hoping they will continue visiting throughout the season

Swimming and diving, the sunshine, the people, what better reason


This weekend we celebrate Veterans Day

Poppies are on sale so give generously in a big way

Just remember the boys and the girls that went across

Fighting for peace for us all at their loss


Our National Festival is exciting and fun for all

Locals and visitors alike will be having a ball

So stop what you’re doing, come and join the crowd

You won’t hear yourself speak enjoyment will be loud


However, the air I’m feeling is a different kind of air

It’s a breeze that blows so sweet this time of year

Here in Cayman it’s called the ‘Christmas Breeze’

It’s fresh, it’s cool, and it’s always free!


Do you feel it? It’s here. Do you feel it? It’s there

That Christmas Breeze, you  feel it everywhere

Enjoy the coming Season, get out while you can

Join your friends and family, every woman and every man.





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