September 22, 2021

Can these vitamins stop the coronavirus?

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By Lynn Allison From Newsmax

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Experts say that people are dying needlessly from the coronavirus because doctors, health authorities, hospital administrators, and politicians aren’t paying attention to history. According to experts at the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service (OMNS), some tried-and-true nutrients have the potential to fight the deadly disease that has already claimed the lives of approximately 500 people worldwide.

“The coronavirus can be dramatically slowed or stopped completely with the immediate widespread doses of vitamin C,” says Dr. Andrew Saul, an international expert on vitamin therapy. “Bowel tolerance levels of C taken in divided disease throughout the day is a clinically proven antiviral, without equal.”

Saul adds, “Dr. Robert F. Cathcart, who had extensive experience treating viral disease, has stated, ‘I have not seen any flu yet that was not cured or markedly ameliorated by massive doses of vitamin C.'”

The physicians of OMNS and the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine urge a nutrient-based method to prevent or minimize symptoms for future viral infection. Here are their recommendations for adults:

  • Vitamin C: 3,000 milligrams in divided doses
  • Vitamin D3: 2,000 International Units daily
  • Magnesium: 400 milligrams daily
  • Zinc: 20 milligrams daily
  • Selenium: 100 micrograms daily

“These supplements have been shown to strengthen the immune system against viruses,” says Saul.

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