May 13, 2021

Can Instagram show you the roadmap to a healthy diet?

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Diet is a common terminology for many of us. The current generation is conscious about what they must or must not eat, so talking about diet is common. The secret to a healthy life lies in your daily food habit. Diet means the proper intake of food and nutrition daily required for a person. The best part of the diet is every time you bite into your favorite flavored cupcake, you experience heaven. Gulp it down; you wish you hadn’t eaten it! It is a common phenomenon that occurs in almost all weight-conscious people.

Eat healthy to improve wellness

With the advent of social media, people search for almost every topic on a healthy diet on Instagram and other platforms. Healthy food must comprise vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. If you have any health conditions, consult your doctor about what food to take.

Let us take a glance at some of its main points:

  • You should intake a specific amount of calories to supply the required energy of your body. People who work hard should take in more calories to get energy than those who are not physically active.
  • The human body derives its energy mainly from fats and carbohydrates, including butter, oil, cereals, pulses, sugar, and cheese. The vitamins and minerals supply protective minerals such as milk, butter, egg, fruits, vegetables, mainly green raw vegetables.
  • An ideal meal should possess the following items- milk, cheese and pulses, meat, fish or eggs, fruits, vegetables, fat, cereals, and of course, a sufficient amount of water.

Food and social media

Nowadays, people not only taste the food, but they also judge food by its appearance. As a result, foodstagramming, i.e., posting your food pictures on social media, has become apopular trend among all age groups. Instagram has become a powerful marketing platform in the food industry. Healthy food is not always delicious, but apart from the taste, diners embrace the food’s color, bringing a positive vibe to the body and mind. For instance, people upload healthy food plates and highlight the color with the hashtag of #healthydiet #tastyfood. These pictures do encourage viewers to indulge in healthy food. If you follow social media trends smartly, it can become your source for healthy eating.

People follow food trends they see on Instagram. For instance, organic toddler food brand Yummy Spoonfuls has thousands of followers on Instagram. Their dishes motivate parents to make healthy dishes for their children. The little ones also learn to eat healthy food, and that helps build their immunity.

People do get motivated by healthy food pictures and Instagram. But many times, they do think that to maintain this habit is healthy but costly. Here are the ways that may change your opinion:

  • Always choose the less healthy of any two options. It will not make you spend money on expensive nutritious food.
  • Avoid white flour, white bread, white rice in your daily diet. Instead, choose whole-grain bread, oatmeal, and honey, and a colorful salad. 
  • Concentrate on your plate while eating. We tend to engage ourselves in watching TV or computer while eating and enjoy the food less.
  • Limiting sweetened drinks and fruit juices can cut out sugar and calories. Drink more water instead of those drinks. 
  • Instead of sugary and fried snacks, taste some baked chips, lower fat and sodium popcorn, dry fruits.  

Eat well and stay healthy

We know that whatever we eat affects our physical, mental health, and wellness. People nowadays check on Instagram for the ideal healthy diet and love to upload their food pictures. In their social media account, they can check active followers to like their posts. People who practice healthy food habits experience feelings of wellness. 

Most people are aware of the ideal diet, but they lack the eating habits. Deficiencies of essential nutrients such as Vit A, B, C, and E and zinc, iron, and calcium can weaken your immune system. It reduces the risk of developing many diseases such as type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, heart diseases, etc. 

Foodstagrammers upload several pictures of the healthy platter. We get attracted to colorful food, and we know what to eat, but do we know when to eat. Here are a couple of tips to follow-

  • Eat a healthy breakfast to start our metabolism. Further, eating smaller meals throughout the day increases your energy level.
  • You may work late at night but avoid late dinner. There should be a gap of 14-16 hours between your dinner and breakfast. 

 Healthy food habits and weight management are also becoming trendy topics of discussion. They are often related to each other, and along with mental stability, it can prevent you from any physical problem. You must keep in mind the diet’s economy as it supplies you with an adequate amount of food at the lowest price possible, without even making your daily meals repetitive and tasteless. Therefore do not waste your time, live a healthy lifestyle, eat an appropriate diet, and it will help you to lead a healthy-wealthy life.

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