July 2, 2022

Can CBD dog treats be an alternative to several pet medicine?

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In this modern age, scientists were able to invent a compound derived from cannabis to manage our stress, anxiety, and some other clinically diagnosed illnesses. This compound is called CBD, short for Cannabidiol. Many of the users were millennials racking up about 32%, while the older adults, or what they called “boomers,” had only 12% users.

But CBD is not only exclusive for humans. Cannabidiols can also be used for animals (e.g., dogs, cats, and horses). In particular, one animal that can use Cannabidiol is our very own best furry friend, our dog. As a pet owner, we only want what’s best for them, their food, shelter, and treatments in times of their needs.

One way or another, we would face some difficulty regarding our furry friend’s health, which brought many of us some questions. Questions like, is there a more affordable treatment for our dog? Is there an alternate way to feed our best friend with medicine? Luckily for us, we do have an answer for these questions, introducing the CBD Dog treats!

All About The CBD

CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound from the cannabis family that has medical functions. CBD has milder effects than its cousin, the THC or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (read more), which has intoxicating effects and induces the “stoned” state. It has been proven by many scientists that its effects can also counteract or balance THC.

Scientists claimed that many effects could also help manage difficult-to-control conditions, including some neurological illnesses and psychological disorders like PTSD or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. These effects led many to believe that this is an excellent alternative treatment due to its medical products. But of course, with so many positive results, there are always some side effects.

Since Cannabidiol is a “downer” type of compound, its effects focus on our body’s neurological aspects, so side effects include low blood pressure, dry mouth, and could even impact some other drug’s effects if ever you are taking some with the CBD.

How Does CBD Work On Dogs?

Like humans, the effects of Cannabidiol are similar to pets. It has plenty of therapeutic influence when it comes to health issues as well. Whichever treatment you are trying to reconsider, CBD dog treats are a noteworthy one! If you consider treating your dog with CBD, you have to learn some effects, which I listed below.

  1. It Reduces The Risk Of Seizure

As I mentioned above, Cannabidiol influences the dog’s brain activities, which significantly helps prevent seizures (link: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/cannabis-oil-for-seizures). Seizures can be caused by genetic abnormalities, trauma, and brain tumor. Although few known facts about how it prevents attacks, scientists believe that it reduces neuron excitability in specific receptors of the brain.

  1. It Helps In Treating Canine Arthritis

Canine arthritis limits your pet’s movements due to their joints’ inflammation and the pain it causes. It can be caused by some infection, tissue deterioration, or inflammatory response. Although it does not directly treat arthritis, Cannabidiol affects arthritis by reducing the pain and the swelling caused by the inflammation with its anti-inflammatory effect.

  1. It Can Reduce Anxiety

Dogs can experience anxiety just as much as humans do. They exhibit it through some acts of aggression, repetitive movements, and restless behaviors. There are numerous signs and symptoms of anxiety, and being able to know them would be a huge help to differentiate what a healthy dog is.

These signs and symptoms include excessive licking, barking, pacing in different directions, being defiant or aggressive, easily startled, biting self, increase in frequency when urinating, and they don’t eat. The thing about CBD dog treats is that they can help reduce anxiety, given that they have anti-anxiety properties. To add up, it also helps in improving your pet’s appetite and sleep.

  1. Helps Fight Cancer

Cannabidiol helps in fighting cancer by increasing the appetite, reducing the pain, improving sleep, and improving the pet’s body condition, increasing their ability to fight cancer cells. Scientists also claimed that it inhibits the growth of cancerous tumors.

To top all that, it has some evidence-based research on Cannabidiol having anti-tumor components and capable of dealing with numerous types of cancer, including Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, Leukemia, Brain, and Colon Cancer.

CBD Dog Treat As An Alternative

With all said and done, it all boils down to the question, would that be a viable alternative treatment for our dog? The answer is simple, Yes. With our technologies today, scientists continued to research the capabilities of Cannabidiol. With each evidence found, it increases reasons for using it as a form of treatment is excellent for your dog.

To add up, in the form of dog treats, this is a much convenient treatment compared to its other state, the oil. You could feed your dog medicine easily with this, plus, they would also enjoy the treat. CBD Dog treats come in many flavors as well, so you have a variety to choose from markets all over the internet.

Does it have all the effects of Cannabidiol? No, its results should be “spread” out so it would prevent some side-effects. There is a lot of CBD dog treats in the market today that has it’s specific influence, like stress-reduction and anxiety relief CBD Dog treats.

Finally, always remember that these are particular kinds of treats. CBD dog treats should not consume them over what was prescribed by your veterinarian. The dose of the treats is limited depending on the size of your dog.

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