January 23, 2022

Campaigners welcome first Muslim Secretary of State

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Sajid_JavidBy Bart Chan From the Voice

Sajid Javid was promoted to replace Maria Miller as govt’s head of culture, media and sport

NEW JOB: Sajid Javid makes his way to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (PA)

Britain has got its first black Muslim secretary of state after prime minister David Cameron promoted Sajid Javid to replace the disgraced Maria Miller as culture, media and sport secretary.

Miller announced her resignation yesterday (Apr 10) following days of pressure to quit after becoming engulfed in an expenses scandal in which an independent panel originally recommended that she repay £45,000 of the taxpayers’ money.

Javid’s new position marks a meteoric rise within the Conservative party.

He studied at a state school before going on to win a place at Exeter University to read politics and economics. By the age of 25 he was made the youngest ever vice-president at Chase Manhattan bank prior to moving into politics.

His appointment has been regarded as a move breaking the mould for the Tories, who have been criticised for having a too white and too male cabinet.

Speaking recently to Bloomberg before his latest promotion, Javid spoke about the chances of Britain getting its first Muslim prime minister and he said: “Britain had the first female prime minister in Europe.

“Britain is one of the most open, tolerant societies in the world and I don’t think whether it’s the colour of your skin, your sexuality, your race, your religion – I don’t think it’s a major barrier to achieving whatever you want. Not in the UK”.

On the subject of whether the Conservatives have the appeal to attract more ethnic minority voters, he added: “The damage that was done to the party’s image in the 1970s, particularly by Enoch Powell, is something we still haven’t been able to shake off.”

Nonetheless, he claimed the Tories are capable of turning around their image if its top brass disown their past of racism.

Commenting on his appointment, Simon Woolley, director of lobby group Operation Black Vote, said: “Out of adversity Cameron will see this as a maverick move.

“Javid is the son of a Pakistani bus driver from Rochdale who holds one of the most powerful and controversial positions in British politics today. Javid wasn’t privately educated, but studied hard and achieved good grades.

“Now he’ll be in charge of what happens next with the controversial Leveson Inquiry into the media. And as we’ve seen, there are powerful players in the media who will seek to protect their interest.

“Cameron will hope that this appointment of a working class Muslim from the North will demonstrate his party is not just for the privileged.”

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