November 28, 2020

Bush & the Captain start election campaign alone

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West Bay duoFormer Cayman Islands Premier Bush will be holding his first public election meeting on Tuesday, February 12 at 7:30pm at the Four Way Stop, West Bay.

Only his United Democratic Party colleague MLA Captain Eugene Ebanks will be joining him on the platform as his general election running mate. Although it is expected both his George Town colleagues MLA’s Ellio Solomon and Mike Adam will be there, too.

We will no doubt be hearing from Bush that the three or more police investigation into corruption and other matters have still not resulted in any charges being brought against him and the reason is  [“there aren’t any to be found” – my words].

Bush is a seasoned campaigner and a professional politician.

Do not write him off. He still has a lot of support.

In a statement following his release on bail last Tuesday (5), his political supporters described the police probe as “an orchestrated witch hunt against Bush” to damage his reputation and an abuse of official power.


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