December 1, 2020

Bush says “No” to election observers

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The entrance to the home of Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush, in GeorgetownNot unsurprising, the Cayman Islands former and first premier, McKeeva Bush, said he will file a private member’s motion in the Legislative Assembly calling on MLA’s to reject the FCO’s request for election observers at our general election in May.

Bush said this at his United Democratic Party rally in Bodden Town last Tuesday (26).

Banging his almost worn out drum, Bush said it was all part of the United Kingdom’s efforts to undermine the country.

In an Editorial posted on February 24th 2013, Colin Wilson announced this FCO request as one of four ‘shocking’ disclosures’ and implied it was because of the ex-premier who had brought this upon us.

He wrote:

“We, in Cayman, have our own first (and now ex) premier subject of police enquiries, and his outrageous rudeness towards Cayman Islands Governor, Duncan Taylor, telling him “to go and sun his buns” and other derogative remarks, conspiracy claims against the FCO who were out to get rid of him, would seem to cast a dark cloud of suspicion on us.

“I will never forget McKeeva Bush’s opening statement at his inauguration as Cayman’s First Premier that it would be a happy day for him when that Union Jack is removed from the Cayman flag.

“Now we may have something else to thank him for.”

Alden McLaughlin, the opposition leader, echoed Wilson’s conclusions by saying:

“It is a bitter irony that the man who is responsible for the UK asking Cayman to have observers present at the general election is the one filing a motion to ask the legislatures to reject their request.

“I am disappointed that it has come to this but it is been done because of all the allegations of corruption and the poor governance in Cayman over the last four years. It is Bush’s conduct that has brought the UK to this point and we must recognise that this is the consequence of poor governance.”





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