December 5, 2020

Bush says C4C is the “coalition for cash”

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McKeeva BushAt the United Democratic Party (UDP) rally in Bodden Town last Tuesday (26), ex-premier McKeeva Bush described the Coalition for Cayman (C4C) political group as the “coalition for cash”.

Then he tried to link the People’s Progressive Movement, now called The Progressives, to the C4C without any evidence that could substantiate this incredible statement.

“You know who they are,” he said, “Whatever banner they decide to disguise themselves with; PPM or coalition for cash. They’re all members of the same group.

Why the PPM and the C4C would want to go against themselves to fight for the same seat and C4Ctherefore dilute their votes, if his statement was true, Bush did not explain. But, then, if he announced the world was flat it would be met with cheers and some of the people present would believe him.

Complaining that the people coming out of the woodwork had previously made their money at the expense of this country and done nothing for it, he warned his listeners they would “put us where they had us.”

“You should not give one of them a chance,” he shouted. “As for those people who say that they don’t want parties, you know what they want. They want you back where you were in the ‘40s, where you ironed the clothes, where you cut the grass. No! A thousand times no!!”

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