September 22, 2021

Burning obsession of men: Revealing dark secrets of sex

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Males and women both have a natural need for sex, but men are the ones who have the darkest secrets. Men, in comparison to women, are known to hide a lot about their sexual lives.

Men, on the other hand, do not publicly discuss it with their buddies. Men enjoy hearing about other people’s sex lives and sex-related talks, but they never reveal their dark secrets.

Men, who are less private about everything else, prefer to keep sex a well-guarded secret. The terrible sex secrets that boil in their heads are kept hidden.

Many guys are guilty of keeping their secrets from their loved ones, whether it’s something they’ve done, want to do, his secret obsession, or even wish to accomplish in life. They are also thought to hide and be secretive about some things.

Let’s take a look at the dark secrets that men keep hidden and despise to divulge.

Past Memories

Men typically try to keep their prior sex memories secret by silencing them. They usually keep quiet about these memories. For two reasons, men keep their prior sex memories concealed.

One is the fear of being judged, and the other is the fear of losing confidence if their previous actions become a source of amusement. They maintain these secrets to themselves intentionally and never expose them.

They like Indulging with Various Women

The majority of males have a penchant for polygamy, which they conceal by displaying fidelity. They have a deep desire to feel another woman in bed.

This is one of every man’s biggest and most prevalent dark secrets. Men prefer to have as many experiences as possible, and to do so, they like to be around a lot of women and get a sense of how they feel.

For some guys, it is simply a wish, while for others, it is a well-kept secret. The need for another woman never goes away, and it is one of the reasons people search about and evaluate women for them.

Men Care about Size

Men demonstrate that they don’t care about women’s sizes in public, but they do care in bed. They may not express it to their spouses, but they are aware of it. It’s one of the vainest and cruel things you can do. However, the majority of guys do it.

Men Fantasize Wild Fantasies

Men have a lot of crazy dreams that they think about all the time. Some attempt to partake in them, while others only fantasize about them.

Men frequently make a vow to keep their sexual desires hidden unless they are certain that their lady would not judge them in any way. These fantasies are bizarre and sometimes cruel.

Hide Behind Marriages Just to Have Sex

Men desire to enter into marriage to have sex regularly at times. Not every man does it, but those who are desperate will sometimes marry to be laid. They keep it hidden as a hidden agenda, never revealing it as the basis for their marriage.

Hide the Number of Times They Had Sex

Except for himself, no one knows for sure how many times a guy has had sex. He never mentions the number of times he’s been laid.

Men hide it mostly from their spouses and friends to avoid being labeled as a Casanova or anything like that.

Hide the Fact about Watching Porn

Many guys try to disguise the fact that they view porn. They watch it every day but never say anything about it. They’d rather keep it hidden because they believe women will judge them based on it.

Men like seeing porn and never tell anyone about it. They tend to keep this a secret from the rest of the world.

These are the dark secrets that males frequently keep from their partners and others. They want to keep things quiet and gloomy.

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