November 29, 2020

Bryan Ebanks to run for PPM in West Bay

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P5-pic-2_resize1-300x261Captain Bryan Ebanks will run on the People’s Progressive Movement’s (PPM) known now as The Progressives, ticket in West Bay.

Captain Bryan will join running mates Woody Da Costa and Ray Farrington on the PPM platform.

Although the PPM says it is actively canvassing a fourth West Bay candidate no name has been mentioned as yet.

Captain Bryan says he will be representing the “little man” and since starting his campaign he says he has received a warm welcome throughout his district.

The Captain is the owner of a snorkeling and fishing business and is no stranger to speaking out. He has been battling to make sure his fellow boat operators in Safehaven do not suffer from the changes there, he was part of the campaign to protect North Sound when the ex premier McKeeva Bush proposed to dredge a channel through it and he is one of the more vociferous personalities in the campaign to keep the West Bay Road open.

He will be campaigning heavily, he says, on filling the available jobs with Caymanians. “To do this we must provide the necessary training for our people at all levels to give them a stake in what is widely regarded as a world-class tourism product. Other destinations in the Caribbean have done so with great success and there is no reason why we cannot do likewise.”

Captain Bryan is the fourteenth person to join the PPM team.

Party leader, Alden McLaughlin, has said the Progressives will not field candidates against their former East End colleague Arden McLean and the North Side Independent MLA Ezzard Miller. McLaughlin said his party feels they can work well with them.

They are also only fielding one candidate in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and that is the party’s deputy leader, Moses Kirkconnell.

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