November 27, 2021

British police officer foiled $1million jewellery robbery in the Caymans

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article-2533681-1A69E03100000578-299_306x423By Lizzie Parry From Daily Mail UK

British police officer foiled $1million jewellery robbery in the Cayman Islands by ramming his car into getaway vehicle…. on the day he was made an OBE

David Baines was meeting a friend when he spotted the armed robbery

Former chief superintendent has been Commissioner of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service since 2009

53-year-old rammed his truck into the getaway car, arresting two suspects

40 display cabinets smashed and $1million haul of gems stolen

Shots fired but no one was injured as a result

article-2533681-1A69CD8600000578-773_634x420A former Manchester police chief foiled a $1million jewellery robbery in the Cayman Islands, ramming his car into the getaway vehicle, on the same day he was made an OBE.

David Baines was meeting a friend outside a jewellery store on the Caribbean islands, when armed raiders struck.

The 53-year-old spotted three men running from the shop, jumping into a getaway vehicle.

But Mr Baines thwarted their attempts to escape, ramming his car into the fleeing vehicle before arresting two suspects.

It came on the same day as the former Salford officer was honoured in the New Year’s Honours List.

Mr Baines, who has been Commissioner of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service since 2009, was in George Town, the islands capital, when the drama unfolded on New Year’s Day.

He said: ‘I was in George Town to meet my friend and former colleague, Bob Helm, a former chief detective with Lancashire Police.

‘He had arrived on a cruise ship and we were meeting to spend a few days together. The arrangement was to rendezvous near the port outside a jewellery shop called Diamonds International.

‘Bob was in a shop nearby buying champagne to celebrate the New Year and I was outside the store waiting for him which is why I was in the right place at the right time.

‘As I arrived I saw a security guy running out of Diamonds International looking concerned.

‘As I looked into the shop I could see at least two masked men.’

Mr Baines said he spun his Chevrolet Trailblazer around and saw three men running from the store and getting into a getaway vehicle.

‘I rammed the car to try and block them. I was partially successful,’ he said.

‘They climbed out of the car and started running so I went after them and hit two of the guys up against a fence. One slipped beneath the car.’

Members of the public grappled with the two suspects pinned by Mr Baines’ car.

Shots were fired during the robbery but no one was hurt as a result of the shooting. But one of the suspects was injured during his arrest.

Forty display cases were smashed during the robbery and gems worth $1million stolen – but it was recovered nearby.

Mr Baines said: ‘I did my job; it’s as simple as that. I only did what I would expect any officer of the RCIPS to do.

‘This demonstrates the great community spirit in the Cayman Islands and the selfless acts we see time and time again where members of the public step forward to stand up for what is right.’

A firearm was also recovered from the scene.

Mr Baines made national headlines in 2005 when he said Salford was over run with ‘feral youths’.

He spoke out after a spate of assaults, including an attack on a father-of-four who was left fighting for his life after being confronted by youths outside his home in Lower Broughton.

At the time Mr Baines said: ‘There are gangs of feral youths who are under no control from adults, parents or anyone else, who intimidate people living in the area, often fuelled by alcohol.’

He left Greater Manchester Police in 2006 to become assistant chief constable at Cheshire Police.

He started his career as a cadet with Lancashire Police in 1976 and was a detective for 17 years.

He worked as a divisional commander for Oldham before moving to Salford.

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