January 27, 2022

British Lord who offered $1.3 million Guyana dollars to kill Guyana-born businesswoman in the U.K, abandoned his appeal

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By Andrea Fernandes From Guyana Guardian

London, United Kingdom; – British Aristocrat Rodri Phillips, the 4th Viscount of St. Davids, who was convicted and sentenced for offering £5,000 ($1.3 million Guyana dollars) to anyone that is willing to kill Guyana-born businesswoman Gina Miller and an African man, has now decided to abandon his appeal and return to prison.

Mrs. Miller had earlier won a court action against the British Government, which delayed Brexit and subsequently forced the State to first consult with parliament before leaving the EU.

However, while Miller has gained the support of millions of Britons for her victory, there are millions of others who have developed a hatred and intolerance for her.

And one of those persons was Rodri Phillips, a 52-year-old Aristocrat who came from a wealthy British family, and is the eldest son of Lord Coleen Phillips, former Deputy speaker of the House of Lords.

The Guyana Guardian understands that the younger Phillips, who became upset at Ms. Miller, caused a £5,000 death bounty to be placed on the head of the Guyana born woman, and publicly made several racial assertions about her.

Miller is a wealthy mixed-raced philanthropist of Indo-Guyanese and Afro-Guyanese ancestry, and is seen as an inspiration for both Indo and Afro Guyanese immigrants in the U.K, where both races are generally bundled into one West Indian grouping.

However, apart from his death bounty, and in a shocking sign of racial hostility towards her, Lord Phillips had also publicly labeled Mrs. Miller as a “boat jumper” immigrant.

He further implored that “If this is what we should expect from immigrants, (then) send them back to their stinking jungles (in Guyana)”

He was subsequently arrested and charged with three offenses in addition to the“Extreme Racial Abuse” of Mrs. Miller, and another man of African descent, on whose head he had separately placed a £2,000 bounty if he is carved into pieces.

Prior to his trial and during his trial, he had remained out on bail, and had made several efforts in the media to promote a different view of what he had actually meant by his statements.

At his trial, he repeatedly demanded that the court correctly addressed him as Lord Rodri Phillips, and even openly maintained that his assertion about Ms. Miller being a boat jumper (from Guyana) is a statement of fact.

But much to his surprise, he was later found guilty by Chief magistrate Emma Arbuthnot, who subsequently sentenced him to 12 weeks in jail.

So shocked was the 4th Viscount of St. David, that he appealed the conviction after five days in prison, even though many legal minds in the UK had felt that he had no proper grounds to do so.

However, after a first hearing where it became obvious that his sentence will be increased, Lord Phillips swiftly abandoned the appeal and is expected to return to prison to continue his original sentence today.

As a result, he was fined an additional £500 for wasting the court’s time, and was also ordered to pay monetary compensation to Ms. Miller and the other affected man.

But considering Phillips family influence as Viscounts of St. Davids in the U.K., his racial statements, and conduct would have greatly embarrassed his family and Britain, in as much that it has forced the State to reassure uneasy immigrants that the country does not have any tolerance for racial hostility.

SOURCE: https://www.guyanaguardian.com/british-lord-who-offered-1-3-million-to-kill-guyana-born-businesswoman-in-the-u-k-abandon-his-appeal/

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