October 28, 2020

British Bobbies leave


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It was no surprise to me to hear the negative feedback regarding the announcement by RCIPS Commissioner, David Baines, that twelve members of the UK officers who came to assist our police here have left. I even had a respected friend email me saying it was a “costly waste of time.” My answer was “how can you say that?”

We don’t have any details of what these offices did except Mr. Baines statement, “The injection of experienced detectives to an overstretched investigation team, faced with five murders simultaneously, has enabled all lines of enquiry to be progressed expeditiously, some to be eliminated quickly and others to be the focus of our attentions.”

Since the officers have been here the spate of gang killings has ceased. A man has been arrested for the murder of Kerran Baker. Is that just a coincidence? The British Bobbies were never intended to be high profile.

Eight officers are remaining although I wasn’t exactly thrilled with Mr. Baines statement, “The further period of their deployment has arisen due to the continuing lines of enquiry that have been revealed and progressed jointly with the RCIPS detectives. Their efforts have complimented and supported their RCIPS colleagues, with whom an obvious camaraderie and professional rapport has been established, with each benefiting from their collective effort, sharing of experiences and training.”

It unfortunately does nothing to dispel the negative blogs and only adds to them. It’s all rather meaningless and condescending mumbo jumbo. “……with whom an obvious camaraderie and professional rapport has been established, with each benefiting from their collective effort…..” Mr. Baines that is NOT what we wanted to hear.

I have met Mr. Baines only a few times but I’ve never heard him speak in this meaningless verbiage. It’s very much like a politician replying to a journalist with stock phrases of vague words. I remember the late UK Prime Minister, Harold Wilson, coming out with statements just like Mr. Baines, although he added, “do you remember my speech of (such and such) in which I said ……..” I hope the Commissioner didn’t write that statement himself. If so, he needs someone else to write them. If not, he would be better doing it himself.

As one blogger said, “the only success he [Baines] has had in this country is making the good, honest citizens of these islands dislike the police force even more than they already do. Without the trust and the respect of the public, the police force might as well be closed down.” Unfortunately, that comment is viewed by a lot of people. The last sentence is something I have been saying for a long time.

A new year is not far off. Let’s all make it a new beginning. Crime free and the RCIPS seen as being on our side and trusted. And PLEASE do not take away our basic legal right, “the presumption of innocence.” The burden of proof MUST always be on the prosecution. I will shout that from our highest hill, Mount Trashmore. I might even protest about any proposed change.

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