October 17, 2021

Bring Back Governor Choudhury – expanded signing locations

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A people initiated action in the best interests of the Cayman Islands

Petition Signing Locations
In response to public support for the “Bring Back Governor Choudhury” petition, signing locations are at the following:

A. L. Thompson Home Depot (North Sound Way)
Rayburn Ebanks (Smith Road Fruit Vendor, Smith Road, George Town)
Foster’s Food Fair stores, Customer Service Counter:
Airport Store, George Town
Countryside Shopping Center, Savannah
Morritts Shopping Center, East End
Rebublix Shopping Center, West Bay
Strand Shopping Center, West Bay Road
Funky Tangs (Shedden Road, George Town)
Hurley’s Supermarket (Customer Service, Grand Harbour)
Kirk Home Center (Eastern Ave., George Town)
Renaissance Salon and Spa (Walkers Road, below RCIPS Records Office,
George Town)
Rubis Service Station Savannah (opposite Countryside Shopping Centre)
Simply Computers (West Shore Center, West Bay Road)
Sunset House (Front Desk, South Church Street, George Town)

Only Registered Voters can sign the petition.

The Governor’s Office has confirmed Civil Servants, Authorities and Government Company employees can sign the petition.

If you will be a signature collection location or personal volunteer to assist in collecting signatures, then please send an email to:
[email protected]

Also visit:
Website: https://bringbackgovernorchoudhury.weebly.com/
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/bringbackgovernorchoudhury/

A Petition

The Rt. Hon Lord Ahmad,
The Minister of State
Foreign and Commonwealth and United Nations Office
London, U.K.

Dear Sir,
This petition is in relation to the recall of Mr. Anwar Choudhury the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) British appointed Governor to the Cayman Islands.

Whereas, the FCO appointed Mr. Anwar Choudhury Governor to the Cayman Islands who assumed office on 26th March 2018; and,
Whereas, upon his being sworn into office he expressed his interest in the security of the Cayman Islands and reduction in crime; and,
Whereas, within days he visited all three islands comprising the Cayman Islands and continued familiarization visits to all districts; and,
Whereas, Mr. Choudhury visited multiple sectors of the islands society; and,
Whereas, at an early stage he stated various objectives and priorities evolved from these visits within the community; and,
Whereas, he faced potentially prejudicial statements made in local print and electronic media regarding Cayman having its first Muslim Governor insinuating his management could be influenced by his religion; and,
Whereas, he openly and transparently called on the Civil Service to deliver timely service and cut unnecessary red tape, setting timelines for reports and implementation where such has been the constant plea of the general public; and,
Whereas, Mr. Choudhury has been the first Governor by attitude and action to show equal respect and regard for all sectors and individuals in Cayman and not limited to a small elite and self-important few who wish to be given special treatment, including invitations to Government House; and,
Whereas, Mr. Choudhury openly spoke of looking into the Civil Service overall performance , possible conflicts of interest and value for money; and,
Whereas, his interest in finding solutions to rising crime in the island has seen greater presence of policing and enforcement action; and,
Whereas, there has been an increased public trust and belief that finally there was a governor who would listen and was not afraid to right the many wrongs in governance and administration, of complacency, ignoring complaints, lack of following practice and procedure, favoritism and overall malpractice to name a few; and,
Whereas, any murmurs heard in the island against him were from those quarters that were displeased he was disrupting the complacent order of things; and,
Whereas, it came as a shock to the public to hear that the Governor Mr. Anwar Choudhury had been recalled by the FCO to investigate complaints made against him; and,
Whereas, to date the present situation is causing speculation, numerous rumors and uncertainty in the business community and doubts from investors and population at large; and,
Whereas, the feeling among the general public is that the one public figure who by his actions has shown he takes positive interest on the public’s behalf for true good governance has suddenly been taken away

In view of the foregoing considerations, We, the undersigned Electors of the Cayman Islands request: That if no criminal actions are found to have been committed by Mr. Anwar Choudhury that would warrant action as serious as his removal from office, but only consists of personal complaints by disgruntled individuals in whatever capacity, or displeased persons due to change in the order of things, that Mr. Anwar Choudhury be returned and reinstated as Governor of the Cayman Islands as soon as possible.



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