January 22, 2021

Brilliant ways to include LED lights into your home design

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LED lights are very energy efficient; they use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than regular lightbulbs. They also emit less heat and more light and are less costly than other lighting options. LED lights also emit light in specific directions and can be used for several applications. They have grown very popular due to their efficiency and versatility. There are so many things that you can do with them and multiple ways in which you can incorporate them into your home decor. Read through this article for brilliant ways to include LED lights into your home design. 

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You can make your staircase much wider and broader by applying LED strip lights beneath each stair. This is because it can add more depth and width to the stairs. You can choose warm-toned LED lights to donate a sophisticated, elegant feel to your home. Since LED strip lights are flexible, safe, and easy to install, you can take on this project yourself without hiring a professional. 

Wall Lighting

There are several ways in which you can use LED lights to light up your space. If you want to give your space a more diffused, sophisticated look, you can use LED strip lights in hollow parts of the walls or ceilings. When you need unfiltered bright light, you can mount a LED strip light on the part of your wall. You can also use them decoratively. You can order pre-made LED light shapes or create them on your own. The great thing about LED lights is that they come in a variety of colors. 

Vanity Mirrors

Vanity mirrors are a growing trend nowadays. They are an awesome way to help you focus on your hair’s and face’s finest details when doing your hair and makeup. LED lights would ensure that you get the perfect lighting for such a process. While LED lights take up very little space, they are very luminous. 

They come in many dimensions; LED rope lights are perfect if you want seamless lights, while wider LEDs can give you more of a spotlight effect. The reviews over at  Ellumiglow suggest that various LED lights available on the market come in every size and shape to help you perfect your vanity’s look and function. Since some LED lights come with a color-changing option, they are perfect if you want to see how you would look in different light settings. 


LED strip lights can be used to light up any part of your kitchen. You can choose to locate them in strategic areas to bring out or make certain parts of it the focal point or center of attention. You can also use them around your cabinets to give them more character. It is highly recommended that you use LED lights in your kitchen because they are very safe, free of contaminants, and emit little heat and UV light. This will help protect your food and beverages and preserve their quality. 

Backlight and Showcasing

You can use LED lights to backlight your television screen. It is an easy, creative way to add a modern touch to your room. You can also use LED lights to backlight images, paintings, or storage units for a stunning way to showcase art pieces, decor pieces, and display units. You can also apply LED strip lighting below shelves and furniture pieces like beds and couches or in the bathroom to provide a soft glow or visibility in the dark. You can also place them under cabinets to add more space, making the area look wider and airier. 


Yellow lights or ceiling lights can be very unflattering in bathrooms. If they are the only light source, they will make your bathroom feel very dull and clumpy. It will also create unwanted shadows. To avoid this stuffy feeling, you can use LED lights to create a more flattering bathroom space. Cool tones work best for bathrooms. They make them look more sleek, polished, and clean. You can use LED sconces on your bathroom walls instead of ceiling lights to create the perfect illumination amount. This will not only make your bathroom look suaver; it will also make the reflection of an individual in the mirror clearer and more favorable. 


Your lighting should encompass different corners or aspects of your room to create a more welcoming bedroom. It should not just be dangling from the ceiling, casting shadows everywhere in your room. Bedroom lighting should be arranged in a way that brings unity and embraces key furniture pieces. You can use LED light lit floor lamps in the corners of your bedroom for an illusion of depth and space. You can also use LED task lamps near your bed or on your bed for bright lighting and table lamps on your dresser. 

Landscape and Home Exterior

LED lights are not meant to be used only inside the house. They can be used creatively for the exterior and the landscape of the house as well. LED lights can be used to bring out and highlight specific parts of the architecture of your home. It can make your house look fresh and contemporary, and can give it the touch you never knew it was missing. With LED lights, your house will stand out in the dull dark street of your neighborhood. They can also be a great way to increase the level of security since some LED lights offer a motion-sensor feature.

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Installing LED lights all around the garage between the floor and the wall can make your garage look more like a showroom or a runway. While it looks awesome, it can also work as a parking advantage. The extra light could help you park when it is dark in the nighttime. You can also use motion-sensing LED lights to help you indicate how much parking space you have left before you crash into the wall. 

Not only are LED lights effective, efficient, and eco-friendly, but they are also highly functional and very aesthetically pleasing. They can make your home look very modern and fresh while serving up their practical purpose. 

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