July 4, 2020

Bridger replies to Evans’ statement to Met and Evans shoots back


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Chief Superintendent Martin Bridger SOurce: InternetFurther to our story in iNews Cayman posted on April 23 2013 “Bridger and Kernohan claim Jack misled them and Evans refutes Bridger’s claims” at https://www.ieyenews.com/2013/04/bridger-and-kernohan-claim-jack-misled-them-and-evans-refutes-bridgers-claims/

Martin Bridger has now replied to the statement contained in the above from John Evans who had refuted Bridger’s claims. See immediately below:

From Martin Bridger

I have carefully read the statement that Mr Evans has made to the Metropolitan police. I am a little surprised that Mr Evans now appears to be taking a contrary view to what I thought our common goal was, namely to establish the truth as to what occurred in Operation Tempura.

To clarify the position, prior to my arrival in the Cayman Islands on the 10th September 2007, I personally, as the lead investigator, had no knowledge as to the circumstances of the night-time entry into Cayman Net News on the 3rd September 2007. The first time that Detective Inspector Simon Ashwin, Detective Constable Steve Ahmet, and I became aware of the circumstances of the entry into Cayman Net News was when we interviewed John Evans as a witness.

Due to the current ongoing court proceedings, I am unable to comment on the Chief Justice’s ruling as to the search warrant applications in respect of Kernohan and Jones. Under current Cayman Islands law, the decision of the Chief Justice cannot be appealed. After the ruling I did proceed on the investigation of both Mr Kernohan and Mr Jones. That course of action was only taken after liaising with the Oversight Group, Assistant Commissioner John Yates, and, perhaps most importantly, after having received independent legal advice that it was legitimate to continue with the investigation.

Again, due to ongoing court proceedings I am unable to comment on the findings of Justice Cresswell.

In respect of the papers that I have in my possession, at a hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in the Strand London in June of last year in respect of proceedings brought against me by the Attorney General in the Cayman Islands and David Baines, the current Commissioner of Police in the Cayman Islands for the return of the documentation I have in my possession, the court ruled in my favour. The court ruled that I had an arguable case that I was entitled to keep possession of the documents. This issue also remains before the courts.

Recently, I, together with Stuart Kernohan and John Jones, have made a criminal allegation as to the behaviour of the previous governor Stuart Jack, other FCO officials, and the Attorney General Samuel Bulgin. Both Mr Kernohan and Mr Jones have submitted their witness statements to the Metropolitan police. I was interviewed on tape for one and a half hours. To date a witness statement has not been requested of me. Additionally, neither of us has yet been asked for copies of the documents we have in our possession to support the allegation that Mr Jack and others directed and authorised the entry into Cayman Net News on the 3rd September.

Irrespective of the legality or not of the entry on the 3rd September, my team and I, Assistant Commissioner John Yates, the Cayman Islands Oversight group (which was chaired by the then Chief Secretary Donovan Ebanks), and the independent legal advice all proceeded with the investigation that Kernohan and Jones had in respect of the entry on the 3rd September gone on a “frolic of their own”. None of those mentioned above, to my knowledge, was ever told that the Governor and others were involved in authorising the entry.

If it is the case that the entry was authorised by the Governor, then in all probability neither Mr Kernohan or Mr Jones would have been suspended, and the investigation would have been finished in a couple of weeks. The investigation of Kernohan and Jones was unwarranted, and my investigation was not necessary and most of the events that occurred in 2008 would not have happened.

I believe that it is in the interests of everyone that the truth is established. It is because of our joint quest for the truth to be established that Mr Kernohan, Mr Jones, and I have joined together in reporting the matter to the Metropolitan police for investigation. Establishing where the truth lies and, when appropriate, holding to account those responsible for their actions remain the fundamental principles of accountability that are shared by most. Personally, I have nothing to hide.

I have been informed that Commander Gibson of the Department of Professional Standards in the Metropolitan police will shortly be making a decision as to whether our allegations warrant a full police investigation.



When we contacted John Evans about Martin Bridger’s comments (above) he was quick to send us this:

(Note: From advice we have edited it)

From John Evans (April 26 2013)

“This is all getting very bizarre. My reply to it is that his account of events, not for the first time, differs substantially from what actually happened in 2007. It’s also worth pointing out that we do not share common aims here. My goal is to have a public inquiry that covers the way the police officers and private contractors involved in Operations Tempura and Cealt, including Mr Bridger, conducted themselves; the funding of the operation; the way the 2009 Auditor General’s report was compromised by a combination of misinformation and what looks like deliberate interference; the recruitment issues raised by material released to me by the Met last year plus Bridger’s refusal to deal with what was deliberate interference in the judicial process during the period between Lyndon Martin’s PI and the trial proper. I also want to know why ************************************************** then unlawfully kept me in the Cayman Islands for three months when I was unemployed and had no source of income?


Note: The missing line refers to an incident about  a second RCIPS press officer being already employed when Evans had approached Bridger about a job. Evans refutes that there was a second press officer.

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