November 27, 2020

Brand new Christmas ’do

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Ann Marie Tomlinson with (left to right) her daughter Tamara Colley, and hairstylist, Sara (Sassi Pearl).

Hair-do-you-do? The person who always has a great answer to that question is Cayman’s famous taxi driver and living work of art, Ann Marie Tomlinson, who always seems to have a new reason for a new season and a new do.

Her latest Christmas hairdo is complete with mini Christmas tree, pepper lights, candy cane, and coloured glass balls.
The hairstyle was made by local hairstylist, Sara (otherwise known as Sassi Pearl).

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Ms Tomlinson has been turning heads with her amazing, crazy and imaginative hairstyles for many years in the Cayman Islands.
Earlier this year, Ms Tomlinson had a “Rollover Suspended” hairdo, to celebrate the suspended rollover announcement by the government. At Easter time she had a special Easter hairdo complete with Easter bun and cheese, and her Jamaican Independence Day Hairdo in August featured real ackee fruit.




Ann Marie Tomlinson’s Christmas hairdo

“Rollover Suspended” hairdo.

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