November 27, 2021

Boat captain fined $90K for manslaughter

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Ian-Stephen-FossiFrom BVI News

Stephen Fossi, the New Zealand national who captained the ill-fated boat that crashed into a reef last year and killed two persons, was fined a total $90,000 in the High Court yesterday on the two manslaughter charges brought against him.

High Court judge Justice Nicola Byer who presided over the case fined him $45, 000 on each of the two counts, and ordered him to hand over the money no later than February 29 or serve two years in prison.

Regarding the incident that landed the former Oil Nut Bay employee in court, the Crown argued that, around 2:34am on January 24 last year, police received a report from a person who resides in the Windy Hill area of Virgin Gorda regarding a boating accident.

The person stated that the accident took place in the vicinity of Cow Mouth, near Leverick Bay. Police responded.

Upon their arrival, the vessel named ‘Inevitable’ was seen atop rocks with considerable damage to its bow, side, stern, and engine.
Kari Way is one of two persons killed in the accident

Kari Way is one of two persons killed in the accident

The body of a Jamaican passenger, Howard Anderson, was seen lying on the deck of the vessel when the law enforcers arrived.

Further searches of the nearby waters were carried out, and the body of Kari Anne Way of Michigan in the United States was found.

Her body had significant injuries to the lower limb at the time it was found.

Investigations revealed that the boat occupants were travelling from the Bitter End area to Oil Nut Bay after being out for entertainment.

The court heard that, after the boat struck a rock, it landed 30 feet onto the said rock.

Fossi, who was employed to Oil Nut Bay Resort for 10 years as the director of marine operations, is no longer employed to the resort.

IMAGE: Stephen Fossi during a previous court appearance

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