November 25, 2020

Editorial: Blame and scum

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People were very quick to lay the blame for the tragic death of Justin Henry last Monday (26) on the RCIPS or/and the Government. Justin drowned after diving into the ocean from cliffs in the Pedro Castle area along Grand Cayman’s south coast. “The police took too long to reach the scene and send for the helicopter that took over an hour to arrive.”  “The Government should take the blame for not having any warning signs informing people of the danger in swimming there.” “The search was not thorough enough.” “Why hasn’t Government installed a wall there to deter people attempting to jump?”

The blame game goes on and on. The missing factor in all this is, everyone who lives here knows how dangerous jumping off the cliff at Pedro Castle is. Would putting warning signs up have made any difference? Does anyone understand how long it takes to get a police helicopter into the air? There is no crew standing by at readiness like at a fire station. Do we have the monies or resources to have a helicopter, a pilot and rescue crew in readiness? Just in case some swimmers decide to risk their lives on a dare devil jump in an area where any sensible person wouldn’t attempt without taking safety precautions first?

The authorities have consistently warned people not to swim or jump into this area and other similar locations but it is unheeded. But they take the blame when it happens.

It is a tragedy and it breaks me up when we have to report something like this. The grief to the families of the victims is almost unbearable and the pain of the loss never goes away. But it won’t happen to you or me. If it happens it will be to someone else. Unfortunately it isn’t true. It does happen to someone you know and it can happen to you. Heed the warnings. The only person to blame is YOU!!!

My point about warnings and people ignoring them is reinforced by the staggering figure of 44 persons arrested since Wed (28) for DUI. The RCIPS said they have already locked up more people this year for DUI than they did last year after its safety campaign period had finished after the New Year! “The figure is deplorable,” said Chief Inspector Angelique Howell. Yes it is! Despite the recent accidents and deaths from drunk driving are people taking any notice? When trees and light poles can suddenly jump out into the road in front of your speeding car at the early hours of the morning along a highway with no other cars around I strongly suggest you should not be at the wheel of your car. And if you are a passenger you are risking your life and at best serious injury to your person (and other vehicles on the road) if you get in a car where you know the driver has been drinking alcohol. You are as much to blame as the person at the wheel.

So, the armed robberies continue right up to the end of 2011 with the staff of the Alfresco Restaurant, West Bay being terrorised last Wednesday (28) evening. Lightning does strike twice, especially when businesses are robbed, as a similar incident happened last year at the same restaurant with no one being charged with the crime. It was two men who robbed the premises then and it was two men again this time. Of course, no one knows anything and no one saw anything. However, we know that isn’t true. Scum will always be scum, no matter what they wear. Scum is the topmost liquid layer of a cesspool or septic tank. It stinks and it is unmistakable. Scum is worthless, contemptible, vile and loathsome. Does this describe some lowlife rat you know? Perhaps you, the scum bag, might even be reading this…….. If so, you are despicable and I hope you puke on your own vomit!

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