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Billionaires caught in modern slavery scandal

June 23rd, 2024

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Domestic slavery
U.K.’s richest family accused of keeping staff in modern slavery
Four members of the Hinduja family, worth an estimated combined total of $47 billion and currently the U.K.’s richest family,  went to trial for labor exploitation and human trafficking. Paltry wages, confiscated passports, and a lack of freedom of movement with contractual ambiguity paint a classic picture of modern slavery.
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Safe migration
Hunted and thrown into the sea: Greece’s deadly deterrence policy
A new investigation found that the European Union’s strategy of prioritizing border control over sea rescue has taken a deadly turn. The harrowing accounts make it clear: the on-the-ground response to migration is not only putting people at risk of exploitation, alarmingly it is driving them to their death. Read more…
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Child marriage
Another U.S. state outlaws child marriage – but advocates are worried
Despite the ongoing work of Unchained at Last and Freedom United among others, currently only 13 states have made child marriage illegal and there’s a tragic side effect for each additional legal win: the places where it is still lawful become havens for those seeking child marriages. Read more…
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