April 14, 2021

Beware of fake news on the Internet: How to decrypt them

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The Internet is a vast platform for conveying many ideas and information. There are those who use it for entertainment, there are those who make it their field of work and there are those who use it to learn and teach and disseminate information. The information presented on the Internet generally comes from individuals or professionals but some of it is inaccurate and is considered fake news. As there is neither sufficient evidence nor clear sources, the veracity of information is difficult to detect.

Why do people publish fakes news?

The fake news or infox are false false information whose objective is to manipulate a large number of users and manage to deceive the public. It is especially on the platforms of social networks and blogs that the fakes news are often relayed to reach the greatest number. As a reminder, it was during the 2016 US presidential election that the term fake news gained momentum when Donald Trump used it repeatedly during his speech in a few weeks. The fake news does not date from this period, but it was the use of the term that was in vogue. Examples of fake news are articles on the famous French toy Sophie la girafe. The content of the articles testified that  [pii_email_4bd3f6cbbb12ef19daea] and that it is dangerous for the health of babies and children who use it.

How to decipher the fakes news?

It is not advisable to believe all the information circulating on the Internet without even thinking. To decipher fake news, it is important to conduct small surveys and cross-check, especially if the information you get is of paramount importance to you. The first step is to find one or two reliable sources so that you can cross-check information. The reliable sources are often official sources of press or media companies, official government websites, the laws and regulations in force, the websites of certified private companies, etc.

How do fakes news spread?

The main objective of individuals who want to disseminate fake news is to reach as many people as possible. Email, social media platforms and blogs are the main mediums used by fake news designers to disseminate fake news on 5e Frightened. Fake news content that seems serious and reliable deceives the public and prompts them to make thousands of shares and posts at any given time. Infox closely resembles news from traditional presses and media in order to build trust and credibility with the public.

To fight against the spread of fake news, it is everyone’s duty to report it and be a little careful before believing anything that is circulating on the Internet.

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