December 2, 2023

Bevan Springer: QUOTABLE CARIBBEAN – MARCH 22, 2022

Petra Roach

“If every Grenadian in the diaspora convinces at least one friend or colleague to visit the tri-island state, imagine what that would do for our arrival numbers and the economic benefits that derive.” –Petra Roach, CEO, Grenada Tourism Authority

“This (Barbuda) campaign cleverly helps manage expectations because if interested travelers can’t book a flight or room, they will understand exactly why. More than that, we hope that this idyllic campaign truly captures the uniqueness and warmth of the local Barbudan community and is in keeping with our strategy to show the world the unsurpassed beauty of the sister island.” – Charles “Max” Fernandez, Minister of Tourism, Antigua and Barbuda

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“Travelers are looking for something special that caters to their passions and specific needs. With exquisite properties presenting stunning views and modern amenities, these offerings are at the core of our island’s communities. St. Lucia will continue to build on its brand promise globally, lending even more credibility to our award-winning products and services across the island.” – Lorine Charles-St. Jules, CEO, Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (Loop News)

“It is time to recognize Caribbean women for their tremendous contributions not only with our appreciation but also with our commitment to ensure our women achieve true equality in terms of employment opportunities, compensation, as well as in leadership.” – Nicola Madden-Greig, President, Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association

“The team at American (Airlines) has been doing an amazing job and it’s wonderful to see their commitment to Dominica. Our ‘Nature Island’ remains the gem of the Caribbean and is now easier to discover than ever before.” – Gregor Nassief, Chairman, GEMS Holdings Limited (Caribbean Journal)

“Have you ever wondered why some marketers of Caribbean destinations are still ‘whitewashing’ their marketing materials, ads and commercials? For years visitors arriving on our shores have been increasingly of the multicultural variety, yet too often the work of our creative teams displays little authenticity or diversity. The result is a preponderance of cookie-cutter, racially-biased and misleading marketing materials. Who can even begin to imagine the amount of lost revenue and missed opportunities to build customer loyalty we have suffered as a result of such stale thinking? Changes in mindset and cross-cultural communication are necessary if we are to be represented on the global tourism stage as au courant, world-class, culturally sensitive and sustainable tourism destinations.” – Bevan Springer, President and CEO, Marketplace Excellence

“Building lasting relationships requires compassion, wisdom, empathy, kindness, courtesy, and forgiveness.” – A. R. Bernard, Senior Pastor, Christian Cultural Center

Quotable Caribbean is compiled by Marketplace Excellence Corporation, a global public relations, marketing and media company.

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