October 31, 2020

Between God – Frank McField’s new book


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Dr Frank McFieldFrom Facebook

One most interesting thesis which has emerged so far in “BETWEEN GOD” the work that I am currently engaged in, is a hypothesis which attempts to explain the factors which have acted against the establishment of an Afro Caribbean nuclear family institution.

I have hypothesized that marriage is an institution the significance of which was/is the establishment of a property relationship between man and woman. The man being the sole undisputed owner of the reproductive capacity of the woman became the sole beneficiary of her reproductive capacity. The woman being valued first and most importantly as an instrument of reproduction is dominated firstly by private property relationships.

European concept of private ownership turned women in the most essential and sacred form of private property. Thus marriages in western society took on the essential role of being complementary to the establishment and continuation of ownership rights from one generation to another. The institution marriage provided the most important security for the stability and continuity of the established social structures. The institution of marriage then gained recognition and protection from the “church-state”, not firstly as a moral institution but as an institution which created and complemented the estate of private property ownership.

The lack of recognition of the black family during slavery was mostly due to the fact that the black male was the property of his white master and had no property interest had to have given him interest in the productive capacity of the black woman would have been contradictory even if morally correct. The black man exploitation of the black woman is as an instrument of pleasure domination firstly rather than an instrument of property domination.

Moving from one woman to another in search of pleasure leading to sexual exploitation or sexual domination but never establishing a legitimate property right to be protected by the estate of private property. One can go on and on but think about Sandra and Andrea and help me here.

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