October 17, 2021

Best solution to reach remote work success during the Pandemic: A guide to a freelance copywriting career

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Are you looking for a successful work-from-home career during the pandemic? Freelance copywriting offers the best route to success.

You must have seen copywriting over and over during your search for a successful work-from-home career. First, you must understand that “copywriting” has nothing to do with its legal homophone.

What Then Is Copywriting?

It is an occupation that involves writing the text for advertising and other marketing purposes—essentially, copywriting aims at promoting or selling a brand, business, product or service.

A copy or sales copy is a form of persuasive writing that influences an individual or group to take action (different businesses have different calls to action – CTA).

For a piece of written content to inform your decision to subscribe to an email newsletter or make a purchase, it must do the following.

1. Resonate with the reader’s challenge.

2. Provide an answer to their question or a solution to their challenge.

3. Easy to read by a sixth-grader or lower.

4. Concludes with a CTA for any business conversion.

These steps are carried out by the content manager of that online store you always buy from.

Freelancing and Copywriting During The Pandemic

According to Forbes, there has been a seventy percent increase in internet use during the pandemic. With most businesses forced to digitize their processes and workflows, remote work is now a norm. 

Hence the uptick of internet use. With more internet users, there has been an increase in online advertisements. Copywriters are increasingly in demand by blogs, email marketers, websites and landing pages for their marketing campaigns.

A 2019 survey of the copywriting profession says sixty-seven percent of copywriters are freelancers. Since every organization can not hire a copywriter for a 9-5, they continue to outsource their copywriting needs to freelancers.

Now is the best time to start a career in freelance copywriting.

How To Start A Freelance Copywriting Career

Since copywriting is a form of marketing, do you need a degree in marketing, communications or other related fields to start your career? No.

Although a college degree in any of these fields offers an advantage in kick-starting a successful copywriting career, you do not need to hold anyone to reach success.

You only need to:

A. Have a basic grasp of English grammar. 

B. Study the basics of persuasive writing and keep practicing.

C. Learn headline, landing page and value proposition writing.

D. Find Your Clients and tell them why they need you.

E. Refine your process.

Let us take a look at them one after the other.

Have A Basic Grasp Of English Grammar

If your writing is filled with grammatical errors, no matter the content, it would be hard reading your copy. You would not be considered when a reader thinks of who will provide  paper writing service reviews.

There are several online tools designed to keep your writing grammatical, concise and readable. These tools will only fine-tune your writing. Without basic grammar, conveying your thoughts clearly will be difficult.

Learn How To Research, Write Persuasively and Keep Practicing

Since you would be promoting or selling a business, brand or product/service, you must prepare to persuade your readers with few words.

Your writing must display your knowledge of the topic, which is achievable through adequate research. Like good writing services, freelance copywriters must cover all the ground related to the product or business they are promoting or selling.

Before an organization hires you to write their business copy, your pitch must be persuasive. They expect you will persuade their target audience to take action through your writing.

How can you get better at researching and persuasive writing? Continuous practice.

Learn Headline, Landing Page and Value Proposition Writing

Every copywriting requires a headline. If your employer does not provide a headline, you will have to craft one by yourself. A high-quality headline will get you more clients and ensure the overall success of the project.

Landing page copywriting involves attaching a branded link in a website content that readers will click on. Since every business requires a website, its success is determined by how many people reach their landing page.

Value proposition writing is a brief statement that exposes a business’s offer, its value and target audience. Learning and perfecting value proposition writing is a core part of landing page and website copywriting.

You can build a successful career by learning and perfecting these three core copywriting skills.

Find Your Clients And Tell Them Why They Need You

Asking the right question at the right time will help you get settled at a new job. Knowing where to find clients for your copywriting skill is necessary for a successful career in the same vein.

Every business needs a copywriter since they have to print a flyer, have words on their website, and place a series of ads, so their customers can find them. There are several platforms where you can find freelance copywriting gigs online.

Some of the best resources are:

On any of these platforms, you will need to set up a profile that will inform your client’s decision to choose you for their project. You must set up your bio with a compelling description of the services you’ll render, a link to your portfolio of completed jobs, and your core skills.

Refine Your Process

To be a successful copywriter, you must go over your processes and the problems you’ve encountered. While refining your freelance process, ensure your body and mind is in harmony, as it is important for your mental and physical well-being.

Identify how you bring in leads, close sales, receive project details, collect payment for your work, your work relationship with your client, and how you deliver your work.

Then list the problems you’re facing. By identifying your process and listing out your problems, you set short and long-term changes to how you work.


Starting a freelance copywriting career has many challenges. However, with an increase in internet consumption due to the pandemic, now is the best time to start your career in copywriting because there is a high demand for good copywriters.

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