February 8, 2023

Bermuda woman waits anxiously to learn whereabouts of missing daughter

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trinity_faganBy Carla Zuill Today in Bermuda From Caribbean News Now

HAMILTON, Bermuda — Imagine having to fly to America to pick up your child from their parent. You call to say that you are on your way, only to wait outside for eight hours with zero communication. And the hours turn into days.

While it may sound like a story out of a television show, it’s the horrific nightmare that Dannielle Joell, 34, is currently living as she desperately waits to find out what has become of her beloved four-year-old Trinity, who has disappeared with her father, Trevor Fagan, into what seems to be thin air.

Joell, a Bermudian, and Fagan, an American of Jamaican descent, have been embroiled in a custody battle in both Bermuda and New York.

While the girl’s father believes she should be with him fulltime, Joell wants her daughter to live with her in Bermuda — with visitation rights granted to her father.

Fagan took Joell to court in New York but his petition for custody was thrown out. Joell, who has raised Trinity in Bermuda for the last two years, filed a custody suit locally.

They were encouraged to settle out of court and came to what Joell thought was an amicable decision; she would have care and control of Trinity, with Fagan having joint custody.

However, Fagan still seemed unhappy, despite Joell even offering to pay for him to come to Bermuda to see their daughter.

Although she was a little skeptical, Joell agreed for Trinity to visit her father for two weeks in May. He flew to the Island to pick her up, with Joell due to fly to New York to collect her on May 29. The last she heard from him was the day she was set to fly and has not heard from him since.

Because Fagan is Trinity’s biological father, the Bermudian court order has to be registered in NY before abduction charges can be filed. It takes 21 days for the order to be processed.

Here she talks to Carla Zuill and recalls what it was like to learn that her daughter was missing and how she’s trying to be strong despite struggling to go on.

IMAGE: Trinity Fagan

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