May 10, 2021

Belize: Outrage over perverse video of mental patients having sex for a Coke

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viral-video-condemned1-276x135By Micah Goodin From Amandala

BELMOPAN, Cayo, Mon. June13, 2016–The unconscionable sexual exploitation of a homeless man and a woman who is said to be mentally challenged—videotaped while having sex in exchange for Coca-Cola—has been roundly condemned by the Ministry of Health.

Reports to our newspaper allege that the persons were bribed with a glass of Coca-Cola to perform explicit, and in some instances unnatural sexual acts, as a group of persons watched.

“The Ministry of Health is appalled at this assault on human dignity and is dismayed that these persons felt comfortable enough to record and share this video to further humiliate this couple and their families,” said an official release issued today.

The Ministry of Health said that it implores all Belizeans to protect the privacy and rights of all people, especially those who are made vulnerable because of physical and mental disabilities.

“The public is strongly encouraged to protest and denounce these types of violations of a person’s dignity and rights. In so doing, we can begin to change the culture of stigma, discrimination and victimization of vulnerable persons who live among us,” the statement added.

Today, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams told the media that something needs to be done to tackle this kind of sexual exploitation.

Williams said that the posting of pornographic material on social media or anywhere in public is illegal, but it is technically difficult to prove that an individual is indeed guilty of posting such material, since those who do so are likely to assume false identities on their public profiles.

Williams also explained that the only way legal action can be taken, is if in fact it can be proven that one or both individuals filmed is/are mentally challenged in some way.

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