July 1, 2022

Begin a new life in OAE

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Sun, sea, skyscrapers… The United Arab Emirates attracts migrants from different parts of the world with its oriental flavor and relative safety. What is life like here, is it as beautiful as it seems to many? Most of those who have moved to the country can already give advice on how to leave here for permanent residence.


Maybe not the whole truth about the United Arab Emirates is contained in the following tips, but these recommendations will help if you take them into account when moving.

When moving for work, it is better to make sure that you have an employment contract signed with the host company without fail. If you are looking for jobs in UAE remotely, then ask a potential employer to send you a contract by email, translate it into Indian and study it carefully. In addition to the monthly salary, other items may also be included in the agreement.

  • Insurance for you and your family members (including children). 
  • Airfare for a one-year flight abroad (round trip). 
  • Housing rent. Transportation costs. 
  • Partial payment for your children’s schooling.

All this may not be in the contract, so you need to know in advance that renting a standard apartment with a kitchen, one bedroom and a small living room in Abu Dhabi or Dubai will cost at least one to one and a half thousand dollars a month. Carefully study the agreement and compare the proposed terms with your capabilities and needs.

If you decide to move without a signed contract, provide yourself with funds in case of emergency for at least three months in advance, an amount of 5 thousand – 6 thousand dollars is enough for this.


What is the life of Indians in the United Arab Emirates and what advice do our former compatriots give to those who dream of moving here for permanent residence?

The authorities strictly control the observance of order, so there is almost no crime here, and this is the main advantage of living in a state. For a crime committed, a foreigner faces imprisonment, payment of a fine and, in the end, deportation with a life ban on entry. Particularly serious crimes are punishable by death.


Pros and cons in the United Arab Emirates, which people who have moved here see.

  • The basis of a high standard of living, and hence the advantage of living here, is a well-developed, stable economy. There is no collapse in prices for services and consumer goods, for example, for food, clothing and footwear, gasoline, medical services, etc., as well as their sharp rise, since the local currency, the dirham, has not changed for several years. 
  • A big plus for those who want to start their own business, is the tax policy of the state authorities. Taxes here are paid only by companies producing natural gas and oil, as well as financial institutions. Other organizations are exempt from taxes, as well as individuals who work and receive salaries. 
  • For citizens of most countries of the world, it is possible to find a job here and receive a good salary, the average level of which in 2020 is five thousand dollars a month. 
  • Local authorities allocate a lot of money for healthcare, so doctors use the latest developments in their work. For this reason, local medical care is one of the best in the world, and for indigenous people, that is, for citizens of the state, it is free. Foreigners working here draw up an insurance policy every year and have the right to use many services for free. 
  • According to the level of security in the list of countries of the world compiled by the American magazine Global Finance, last year, 2019, the United Arab Emirates took 21st place, while India stands in this list on the 108th line. CCTV cameras are installed on every corner in all cities, which record any offense, so here you can not worry about the fact that forgotten things will be stolen, and a car, for example, stolen or scratched.

Above are the advantages of living in the UAE. What are the disadvantages noted by those who settled here?

  • The heat that lasts for more than six months, even for most locals who are accustomed to a different climate, is a huge minus. It is even more difficult for visitors from India to endure the heat and sunshine that are here from April to November. Despite the fact that the beach season lasts all year round, and even in January and December with temperatures from + 24 degrees, the climate is still a disadvantage of the Emirates. 
  • High food prices are another disadvantage, which for many can become a fly in the ointment honey. Thus, a kilogram of beef costs more than 70 dirhams, while in India, beef meat costs about 30 dirham.


What is it like to live in the UAE in retirement?

Both men and women retire at the age of 60. Foreigners who are over 60 do not have the right to continue working here, so those who think that it is too early for them to go on vacation can return to their homeland or open their own business in the Emirates, that is, organize a business.

The pension is issued only once, and not every month, as in India. The amount of the pension benefit is calculated by multiplying the amount of the salary for the month by the period worked. It would not be superfluous to say that foreigners do not have the right to work in many local government institutions, including the military, so it is better not to count on employment in such places.


To move to live in the United Arab Emirates from India, you need to apply for a visa of any type from all presented today, and it is up to you to decide which permit to do. So, to emigrate can help:

  • bride or groom who are citizens of the United Arab Emirates (marriage visa); 
  • higher educational institution (student visa); 
  • relatives living in this state (visitor visa); 
  • a company operating here (work visa); 
  • doing business in the state (business visa); 
  • visa.

In addition, the purchase of real estate in the UAE in the amount of at least one million dirhams is the basis on which its owners can obtain a resident visa.

To buy a house, for example, in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, it is better to contact a real estate agency, as specialists will guide you in a huge number of properties for sale, help you find apartments that suit your requirements, assist in concluding a contract, and so on.


Indians come to the Emirates for permanent residence quite often, since not many people like the Indian weather with its hot summers and cold winters, floods during thaws in spring and autumn rainy seasons. In addition, people come here for a more comfortable life than at home, in order to be able to receive decent wages, be in relative safety, and spend more time by the sea, on the beaches.

Today, Indian emigrants leave reviews about the country on the Internet, give advice on how to emigrate.

Life in this state becomes a special stage for Indians, especially if those who move buy their own housing and find a job they like.


Many emigrants to the UAE from India write in their reviews that, having moved, they feel quite comfortable in a new place, feel safe, enjoy working in good companies or start their own business.

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