October 28, 2020

Beasle Mania was fantastic


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beasleColin Wilson

If you weren’t at the Prospect Playhouse last Friday  (18) you missed one of the most enjoyable and fun evenings I have ever attended.

I am talking about Beasle Mania that Sea ‘N B (Chuck & Barrie) Island Music Band showcased music from the Beatles and The Eagles for the totally sold out one night only performance.

This is the programme note from Sea ‘N B that explains all:

A celebration of two of the great pop/rock bands in the history of pop music produced here at the Prospect Theater. The show by “Sea ‘N B Band” is not intended to be a soundalike event. We simply want to present to the audience a few of our favorite songs from these two supergroups: first from the Beatles and then The Eagles after a short intermission.

The selections are based on our experience as performers for over 30 years and seeing how audiences react to certain selections. Inevitably, we are going to miss some audience members’ personal favorite songs – forgive us – but we would be here all night to accommodate everything from these prolific artists.

We hope you enjoy our chosen selections.

As a side note – one song, Imagine, is technically not a Beatles song but submitted for inclusion into this programme as it is one of Beatle John Lennon’s finest most long lasting achievements.

The band included two females and three men so the lineup was totally different from the two supergroups before things got underway. It didn’t matter. The sound that was produced was great.

Chuck was especially entertaining with his dry humour and he even told the audience they could go to the bathroom when a particular song commenced and not hurry as it would be still playing when they came back. To his shock one of his friends got up from her chair and proceeded to do just that despite his howls that he was ‘only joking”.

The audience even clapped and laughed when Chuck played a wrong note that led to his performer daughter Terri Quappe remarking how hard it was to get good musicians.

But believe me Chuck is a very good musician as everyone there was. Whilst Chuck and his wife took on most of the leads the others all had their moments.

My particular favourite was Teri Quappe’s version of the Eagles’ “Desperado”, a song she said she had never heard the group perform. Dare I say it, I thought her version was the very best I have ever heard. The audience roared their appreciation and she got a standing ovation.

Please look at the attachments for all the songs and the very interesting accompanying notes.

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