May 24, 2023

Battle over new JLP leadership

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In the running: Mr. Andrew Holness

Political pundits believe that a mysterious meeting between Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) officials, just hours after the JLP Leader and Prime Minister announced his plan to resign, was part of a conspiracy.

The Jamaican Prime Minister, Honourable Bruce Golding, has formally announced his decision to vacate the country’s leadership position, despite pleas from his party.

JLP loyalists have heavily criticised the Prime Minister’s decision and have been imploring him not to leave.

Mr. Audley Shaw, active JLP stalwart, political veteran, and seasoned political campaigner, is the man most favored to succeed Mr. Golding.

Mr. Shaw has amassed more than 20 years of political experience in the JLP, and has been waiting for the opportunity to lead the party since 1999, when he was appointed as the Deputy Party Leader.

Although the Deputy Leader’s promotion is almost written in stone, popular party comrade, Mr. Andrew Holness, can thwart his destiny to the throne.

The closed-door meeting took place at Mr. Harold Brady’s home.

Sources say that the JLP assembly attended the closed-doors meeting at the private home of Jamaican Attorney at Law, Mr. Harold Brady.

The JLP officials included Party Chairman Mr. Carl Samuda, and it is claimed they gathered to orchestrate ways for Mr. Shaw to lead the party.

However homeowner, Mr. Brady, is no stranger to conflict.

Mr. Brady was embroiled in ferocious blame game after he was accused of entertaining the services of a US based law firm, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, in response to the United States’ request for the extradition of Mr. Christopher “Dudus” Coke.

The Attorney at Law later filed a lawsuit against the Jamaican Prime Minister for statements made during a commission of enquiry.

Former Tivoli Gardens political representative and Prime Minister, Mr. Edward Seaga inducted Mr. Shaw into the Labour Party in 1989.

Mr. Shaw has held the position of Shadow Minister of Information and Culture, Shadow Minister of Public Utilities and Transport, and Shadow Minister of Industry and Commerce.

Audley Shaw

In September 2007 Mr. Audley Shaw was appointed as Jamaica’s Minister of Finance.

With 14 years of experience in representational politics but no less politically savvy, younger rival, Andrew Holness, have also worn multiple hats for the reigning JLP.

Andrew Holness enjoys great popularity among his constituents and has been enjoying the privileges of belonging to the hierarchy and is equally ambitious.

Mr. Holness served as a special assistant to the then Party Leader, Honourable Edward Seaga, before becoming the MP for West Central St. Andrew in 1997.

Mr. Holness served as the opposition spokesperson on land and development, then housing and education, and was sworn in as Minister of Education in September 2007.


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