April 4, 2020

Batabano Committee welcomes the return to one parade on Grand Cayman


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Having served as the National Carnival of the Cayman Islands since the Rotary Club of established Batabano in 1983, the Cayman Carnival welcomes the Government’s decision to no longer grant road closure permission for a second carnival parade on a separate date, on Grand Cayman.

We are also happy that the Government agreed with the steadfast position of the Batabano Committee, and the Cayman Islands Mas Band Association (CIMBA), to not compete with Cayman Brac’s Braccanal carnival on the Discovery Day weekend. We are also pleased that the Government agreed with the joint compromise that the Batabano Committee and CIMBA presented and announced in July 2018 to move Batabano’s adult parade to the second weekend in May for 2020 and beyond, with Junior Batabano launching the Cayman Carnival season on the first weekend in May.

There is much still to be determined with regards to the new parade logistics and new administrative structure for Government’s sponsorship of Batabano, and we look forward to continuing to work with all stakeholders and parties involved, in our unwavering commitment to one carnival on Grand Cayman, and unity with our Sister Islands.

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