July 25, 2021

Bahamian Immigration Officer under investigations for allegedly raping Jamaican woman

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RapeFrom Irie FM news

An immigration official in the Bahamas has been sent on administrative leave pending an investigation into allegations that he raped a Jamaican woman.

Reports have emerged, that the woman was allegedly raped last week. The Jamaican authorities have begun making enquiries into the matter A statement from the Bahamas Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration yesterday says a senior immigration officer has been placed on administrative leave with immediate effect pending investigation of a sexual assault alleged by a detainee who is a Jamaican citizen.

The ministry says the matter is before the police and that the appropriate steps for disciplinary action have been taken. It says all necessary steps including prosecution, suspension and dismissal from the public service will be applied where warranted.

The Bahamas government says it does not condone abuse of any kind,by any officer of the department and that the strongest measures will be taken where there are violations of the rights of people.

It adds that the minister for immigration has spoken to the Honorary Consul of Jamaica to the Bahamas, to convey deep regret at the allegations and assured the consul that the matter will be thoroughly investigated.

Further, a diplomatic note to this effect will be sent to the Jamaican foreign minister and the minister will speak to his counterpart in Jamaica shortly.

According to reports published in The Gleaner yesterday, the Jamaican woman, who hails from Ocho Rios, St Ann was picked up by Bahamas police during a raid at a bar in Nassau, Bahamas on Saturday, December 13. The woman claims she was taken to a police station where she told officers that she has residency papers and a spousal permit. The Jamaican woman is married to a Bahamian man.

It is reported that Jamaican Consul in Bahamas, Patrick Hanlan intervened and the woman was later transferred to the Carmichael Road Detention Center where she claims she and other detainees were held under inhumane conditions.

Its reported that on Monday, December 15, an immigration official removed the woman from the detention centre under the guise of taking her to the immigration department. The Jamaican woman claims that the immigration officer took her to his private home where he allegedly raped her repeatedly. The woman was released the following day. She reported the matter to the police later that Tuesday evening.

For more on this story go to: http://www.iriefm.net/news/headline/bahamian-immigration-officer-under-investigations-allegedly-raping-j%E2%80%99can-woman

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