November 29, 2020

Bahamas Humane Society’s 28th Annual Dog Show – information, hints, and tips

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B Dog S 2Wednesday, 27 February 2013 09:14

White Elephant (flea market) Nowhere else in Freeport will you see such an amazing array of dogs and dog breeds all in one place.  All groomed to the nines and on their best behavior.  If you don’t own a dog, how about showing one of our great shelter dogs?  Call or visit the shelter by Friday noon to choose a dog to enter in the show.  Your very reasonable entry donation of only $5 per dog per class (or group) will actually help the very dog you are showing!  Or just come out and enjoy the sights, food, drink, entertainment, flea market, kids games, and face painting.

B Dog S 6So you want to enter your dog in the Dog Show?  You can fill out your entry form in advance at the shelter but no worries, you can also sign up on the day.  Be sure to pick up a copy of the Freeport News on Thursday – the dog show programme will be an insert in every newspaper that day.

The admission fee at the gate is $5 for adults, $3 for kids.  Dogs are $5 for each group they enter in (some dogs can enter multiple groups).  Parking will be along Coral Road outside the shelter.  Please B Dog S 5pull far enough off the road for safety and be a considerate parker by not blocking other cars.  Any disabled guests may pull in the driveway and speak to the attendants at the admissions table for assistance. Best In ShowThanks to Hurricane Sandy, we have limited shade areas, so by all means if it’s a hot day, bring beach umbrellas, hats, and your own folding chairs if needed.

B Dog S 4When you enter the gate, the flea market tent will be almost directly in front of you.  To your immediate right will be the entry table for entering your dog in the various groups.  If you’re not sure what group(s) your dog can enter, our expert volunteers will guide you.  You will be issued a number, and some string, with which to affix it to yourself (not your dog) prior to entering the show ring.   Our M.C. will be calling the groups throughout the day so please pay attention to the time and listen out for your group to B Dog S 3be called.  You’ll be directed then, where and how to enter the gate and assemble.

This is not a kennel club sanctioned show, and we don’t pretend to be one.  We do however, do our best to hold true to the spirit and intent of any dog show, which is to acknowledge all participants with respect and appreciation, and honour the best of the best with ribbons and trophies, according to our (volunteer) guest judge’s best knowledge of breed conformation and traits.  Well behaved dogs are a plus.  But even if your dog does not heel perfectly or follow commands precisely, please don’t let that deter you from entering.  It’s a great experience and a lot of fun for you and your dog!  In the years to come we hope to start offering training classes and more, to make this show even more competitive and interesting, and also to help dogs and their owners develop a deeper bond.

B Dog S 1Best Dog from a Shelter winnersWe ask that all dogs be kept on leash and under the control of their owner or handler at all times.  Please pay attention to your dog especially when close to other unfamiliar dogs.  All dogs should be appropriately vaccinated, protected from fleas/ticks, and not be aggressive to other dogs or people.  The HSGB is not responsible for any accidents or injuries whether to people or dogs.  By entering the show, you accept full responsibility for your dog and its actions, and indemnify the HSGB against any complaint of any kind.  We have never had a serious incident at one of our dog shows, and we want to keep it that way!

Potcake Group winnerProper Dog Show Rules of Etiquette:

1.  Clean up after your dog!  Please bring poop bags and use them. Waste containers will be readily available.

2.  Do not approach or pet or feed any strange dog without asking the owner first if it’s ok.

3.  Keep your dog under control at all times.

4.  Community water buckets and bowls will be strategically placed for dogs, but the HSGB again cannot be responsible for any health issues and therefore bringing your own water and dish for your dog is highly recommended.

Best Senior Dog GroupOur veterinary staff will be on hand in case any issues arise, if you notice a problem with your dog, please proceed to the front desk in our lobby and ask for assistance.

We welcome guests to visit our shelter animals during the dog show, and staff will be on hand to escort visitors.  Please do note for their own safety, children will not be permitted to enter the shelter animal areas, including the cattery, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.

We’re looking forward to the best HSGB Dog Show yet, and hope to see you all on Saturday!

For more information please call us at 352.2477.

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