October 25, 2020

Baby boy in China believed to be dead escapes cremation at funeral home by crying


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172165790By Michael Sheridan / New York Daily News

The boy was declared dead at Anhui Provincial Children’s Hospital in eastern China, according to reports. He was at the funeral home for two days before anyone realized he was alive.

A baby boy in China who had been declared dead was set to be cremated, that is, until funeral home workers heard him crying.

An infant’s cries saved him from being cremated after he was mistakenly sent to a funeral home because he was believed to be dead, according to reports in China.

The bizarre incident in east China’s Anhui Province occurred Wednesday when the baby boy, only a month old, was believed to have died at the Anhui Provincial Children’s Hospital, according to the state run Xinhua News Agency.

The child, who was not identified, suffered from a congenital respiratory system malformation and required constant treatment since birth, the news agency reported.

“Because the baby still had life signs, we continued to give him transfusion to maintain his life for humanitarian reasons,” a member of the hospital staff told Xinhua.

The boy’s health was deteriorating, so the parents chose to end the treatment. A death certificate was issued and the body was sent to the Hefei Municipal Funeral Parlor.

Two days later employees at the funeral home were shocked to hear the child crying.

The baby was rushed back to the hospital, Xinhua reported. He is again receiving treatment.

The doctor who said the child was dead has since been laid off, along with a nurse, the hospital said.


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