January 21, 2021

The Editor Speaks: What crimes are often not reported?

I expect you are going to say rape, harassment, bullying, etc. Add to the list of a number of crimes that include theft, drugs, wounding with intent, fire detectors (lack of or broken), maintenance in public areas and the list goes on. It might include murder….. You are now confused. What is the editor talking […]

Crown still going ahead with charges against local activist

Cayman’s Crown is still going ahead with their prosecution case against local activist Sandra Catron. The Crown claims Catron used an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) network – Facebook  – to harass or annoy by sending out harassing text. Catron has denied all the charges and has already won a case in the battle with […]

The soursop debate – is it a cure for cancer?

Carol-Ann Rudy, a columnist for iNews Cayman sent me the article in italics under the related story below “Is soursop a cancer killer 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy?” These are my investigations. You can draw your own conclusions.   Cancer cure: soursop shows strong evidence in studies by Joe Martino, from collective-evolution Cancer has touched […]

The Editor Speaks: Are we going to take notice of Commissioners’ Report?

It is often the norm to eagerly await the production of a report, government ministers to laud the recommendations, appoint a committee to discuss further, allow time to pass by, and then forget all about it. We have had three prison reports on the conditions at Northward Prison, all have made similar recommendations including describing […]

The Editor Speaks: Bullet loan payments and bond waiting to boom

Despite ex-premier Bush’s claims, just before he was removed, the government’s coffers were in a much better shape now than when he was thrust into power; this has proved to be far from the truth. It is extraordinary for an open government policy Bush has always campaigned on but never delivered, even his own supporters […]

The Editor Speaks: Poor signage is the reason roundabouts are challenging here

Being British, roundabouts have never caused me any problems as I learnt the ‘give way’ golden rule even when I was a schoolboy. On every roundabout in the British Isles you will see a sign that says “Give Way to Traffic on Right”. Simple. However, it is not simple here in the Cayman Islands. When […]

The Editor Speaks: Is it right to post an unofficial sex-offenders list?

Local activist Sandra Catron has come under fire by the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) for her unofficial sex-offenders list. Catron has created a Facebook page to name those who are convicted of abusing children or other sex-related crimes. We, in the media, are not allowed to publish anything that could identify a victim […]

The Editor Speaks: Experience no one wants and no one wants inexperience

When you reach 60 years of age no matter what experience you possess rarely does an employer want you. Why? I remember the late media mogul Desmond Seales telling me that the only way he can get employed now he is OVER 55 is to be the owner of the company. He is right. I […]

The Editor Speaks: Do we need to prosecute trivial cases?

A crime is a crime no matter how trivial. It is not the amount, it is the intent. Thou shalt not kill! One cannot argue with that but ……. Our court system is so overloaded we have prisoners awaiting trial long past the provisions now law in the Bill of Rights. A prisoner is challenging […]

The Editor Speaks: Our election rules have caused the election challenge

Mario Galea, the Malta Member of Parliament who headed the six person Commonwealth Parliamentary Association observer team who visited Cayman during the week of the May general elections, said that the requirements under our Constitution for what qualifies a person for elected membership are too restrictive. Section 61[f] of the Cayman Islands Constitution Order, 2009, […]