September 20, 2021

LIFE Communion at Elmslie United

On Sunday 23rd June the Annual Celebration of the Sacrament of Holy Communion with the Moderator took place at Elmslie Memorial United Church, George Town. It was an all island service with all the churches belonging to the United Church Christian denomination taking part. The church was packed. The theme for the service that was […]

My Father’s Day Poem

Roddy By Joan Wilson   Roddy – that’s what they called him From birth, right to his grave. He was six foot six inches tall So big and strong and brave.   He was one of the finest fathers And he loved us all so much. He always had time for others And he had […]

Togetherness and Blessings

TOGETHERNESS Joan Wilson There’s nothing as nice as togetherness With friends we hold so dear To share one’s delights or problems And to show each other we care A look, a touch gives one a feeling of belonging. But in these days of rush and never stop We pass each other on the street or […]

An Election Day yellow hibiscus from the Publisher

Joan Wilson, iNews Publisher I want to present to you a yellow hibiscus from my garden as my token for peace, love, courage and delicate beauty on this our General Election Day. Please download and treasure it. I pray our election will bring peace and unification to everyone on our country instead of division. I […]

Elmslie United and St George’s Anglican Churches both sing carols for Christmas

  Joan Wilson & Colin Wilson Elmslie United Memorial Church put on their “The Advent of Choral Music & Readings” on Sunday (16) with both choirs from the George Town United Charges, Elmslie and George Hicks. It was a most delightful evening, even with the very disappointing turnout, to watch and hear inspiring readings and delightfully […]

90 years old 1922-2012

Olive H. Miller has written a beautiful poem especially for the occasion of 90 years of the dedication of the sanctuary of Elmslie Memorial Church that was built by the two Bodden brothers, Rayal and Roland. Both brothers were ship builders. Rayal was the Architect for Elmslie Church but it was Roland who constructed the […]

Idle thoughts of yesteryear

By Joan Wilson (from her book “Buried Treasures”)   Sometimes I let my thoughts run wild when I’m sitting idle My mind just wanders and wanders going back in time And in the middle of my thoughts are my parents – So big and strong – nothing but beautiful memories cloud my mind Whether we […]

Can you feel it?

By Joan Wilson Can you feel it – it’s in the air Can you feel it – it’s everywhere It’s November and the skies are clear Cool Christmas breezes blowing everywhere   Our first Northwester for the season rolled in last week That’s the sign of our ‘winter’ with skies so bleak Powerful and dangerous […]

The mighty bulldozer

By Joan Wilson I wonder what it feels like being in the driver’s seat, And to have such power riding beneath one’s feet? Knowing the walls could never withstand The force of the mighty bulldozer.   Did he ever give a thought of how long it had taken To build those walls that he was […]

Mother (known as Mama)

    Mother (better known as Mama) ‘Mama’ as we called her was so quiet and sweet To hug and kiss her was really a treat. She was fat like mothers of her day you see Having nine healthy children she was pleased as could be. She never wandered far from home – no way, […]