October 19, 2021

Audiophile Masters, Vol. 1

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By Scott McGowan Director, Hi-Fi Specialists, From PS Audio


This one is a little different. Octave’s previous records have been exhibitions of individual musicians, their songs collectively culminating in a single piece of art—the album. But with so much great music in our midst, Paul and I felt compelled to share our most recently recorded DSD master tracks: fresh, dynamic, breathtaking new recordings with a couple of classics sprinkled in. The result is our first compilation, the Audiophile Master Series, Vol 1.
AMS1 does not reflect a single genre, nor a single taste in music. Rather it is eclectic, dynamic, and more than a bit daring. From solo piano to Costa Rican percussion, from cool trumpet to string quartet and beyond, perhaps the only commonality across these varied tracks is the high quality of their recordings. We believe each song on this album cultivates listener engagement, and because of that we knew it’d be right for Octave. I wanted to share it with [your readers] ASAP!

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