October 29, 2020

Attempted pizza driver robbery


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Police are investigating an attempted robbery of a pizza delivery driver – the second similar incident in just a few weeks.

Just after 9.30pm on Tuesday, the man was taking food to an address in Savannah. But after knocking on the wrong door the gunman pounced.

Wearing a blue t-shirt and with his face covered with a hoodie, the thief held a the gun to the man’s face and demanded cash.

But the delivery man ran off screaming and the gunman fled empty handed.

A spokesman for the RCIPS said: “At about 9:33 PM tonight 911 received a report of an attempted robbery on a Pizza delivery man.

“Apparently, the pizza delivery man went to the wrong address in the vicinity of Candover Street, North Sound Estates, Newlands, Savannah.

“The Pizza man knocked on a door, and asked the person who answered if they had ordered a pizza, and they said, “no”.

“When the pizza delivery man was returning to his vehicle, he was approached by a lone gun man who pointed what appeared to be a hand gun in his face and demanded money.

“The pizza man ran towards his vehicle screaming, and he was followed by his assailant.

“The pizza man ran around his vehicle to escape his assailant, and back to the house where he had knocked on the wrong door.  The assailant then ran off into the bushes towards Newlands empty handed.”

No shots were fired and the victim was not physically injured.

Anyone with information in relation to this incident please call the CID at Bodden Town Police Station at 949-2240 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

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