January 24, 2022

Assault denial aside, 5 times Kavanaugh almost certainly lied under oath

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By Kevin Mathews From Care2

Is Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lying about not assaulting Christine Blasey Ford? It’s unlikely that we’ll ever know definitively. That said, we don’t need to be absolutely positive about that particular allegation to not trust his character and dismiss his credibility. That’s because, multiple other times while under oath, he’s said things that are demonstrably false. Examples include:

Amongst Kavanaugh’s claims during the Ford hearing was that the drinking age in Maryland was 18 while he was a senior in high school, making his drunken shenanigans more founded.

For starters, he totally glossed over that he was drinking before he was 18, but even when he was 18, he wasn’t legal to drink. The law changed to a minimum age of 21 before he even turned 18, so at no point in high school was drinking legal for Kavanaugh while he was in Maryland.

Kavanaugh is hardly alone in being someone who drank alcohol before he was legally allowed, but it seems entirely implausible that Kavanaugh spent his senior year believing he was allowed to drink alcohol when bars and stores couldn’t legally sell to him. Again, this is a demonstrable falsehood that can’t easily be explained away.

Also at the most recent Senate hearing, when asked about a reference to “Devil’s Triangle” in his yearbook, Kavanaugh insisted it was the name of a drinking game similar to Quarters. That’s completely at odds with what any teenager – then or now – would tell you the term means. It’s more commonly known as a sex act between two men and a woman, where the men avoid making eye contact.

Put it this way: until some friend from high school corroborates that they used to play a drinking game called Devil’s Triangle, it sure looks like Kavanaugh made that up to make it look less incriminating. Strangely, someone with a congressional ISP updated the Wikipedia entry on Devil’s Triangle on Thursday to now include a reference to a drinking game.

Maybe you could forgive or suspend disbelief over one sexual reference, but the yearbook also mentions “boofing.” In just about every circle, that’s a term for sexual intercourse (usually anal sex,) but Kavanaugh swore to Senator Sheldon Whitehouse that it meant passing gas, and got defensive about having to answer questions about flatulence jokes from his teenage years.

As Vox notes, other classmates who attended the same school back then say Kavanaugh was lying about these terms and they did, even colloquially, mean sex acts, so the judge belatedly seems to be reinventing definitions to fit his narrative.

Back in the ’00s, Republican staffer Manuel Miranda stole Democratic memos and shared them with other conservatives, including, it turns out, Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh was asked about the memos at his confirmation hearing in 2006, where he repeatedly denied that he had received the memos or knew anything about him. More recently, however, released emails show that Kavanaugh did receive and respond to the the scanned memos, which were marked confidential and pretty plainly looked to be stolen.

Kavanaugh now claims he was oblivious to the fact that the emails were stolen, but that is beyond farfetched given how one of the email’s subject lines reads simply “spying” with the opening sentence being “I have a friend who is a mole for us on the left.”

If he didn’t straight up lie about not receiving those emails, then at minimum you’ve got to question his intelligence, judgment and reading comprehension.

At that same 2006 confirmation hearing, Kavanaugh swore he knew nothing of the warrantless wiretapping program that began under George W. Bush. Again, emails now released in record release actually show Kavanaugh discussing an early version of this program, making it hard to deny – though he does – that he was lying about his involvement with that shady program.

Although the charges Ford has made against Kavanaugh are far from irrelevant, the bottom line is that we don’t even need to sort through that particular subject to determine that Kavanaugh should not be appointed to the Supreme Court. He’s pretty plainly lied and misrepresented facts multiple times while under oath, which should be hugely disqualifying for any judge, let alone one of the most powerful in the country.

For more on this story go to: https://www.care2.com/causes/assault-denial-aside-5-times-kavanaugh-almost-certainly-lied-under-oath.html

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