January 24, 2022

Assassination in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

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The_Assassination_of_President_Lincoln_-_Currier_and_Ives_2When reading this letter it is important to read all of the links to be able to make any personal consideration to this my writing and opinions and those of others. Please take time to study all the links, take time also to read all the comments to each article.

Glen Jackson
When PM Gonsalves press secretary and personal aid Glen Jackson was found dead in his vehicle, Gonsalves was away visiting Malaysia . When Gonsalves was informed of the death, he said it was a political assassination.
He came to that opinion before there was any evidence of such. Many asked how he knew that, how he came to that opinion?

“Glenn Jackson was a divisive figure in St. Vincent, leading to speculation that his murder may not have been a random crime.”
“Glenn Jackson established himself as one of PM Gonsalves’s most trusted associates and was given the official title Personal Aide in addition to Press Secretary.”
According to Wikileaks Glen Jackson had been informing the US ambassador in Barbados for years of everything Ralph Gonsalves did and was a major US informant.






Edgar Cruikshank
When PM Gonsalves comrade and key supporter Edgar Cruikshank, (many close to him say he was the PMs ex key supporter, and at the time of his death Gonsalves and Francis’s greatest critic) was mown down and killed by a vehicle at an NDP political rally at Clare Valley, Gonsalves was away visiting Cuba. When Gonsalves was informed of the death he said it was an accident. Did he come to that opinion before there was any evidence of such? Many asked how he knew that, how he came to that opinion.
The unelected some say unelectable cousin of PM Gonsalves, Senator Julian Francis said about the Clare Valley Killing. “The death of former Unity Labour Party (ULP) South Leeward councilor, Edgar Cruickshank at a New Democratic Party (NDP) political meeting in Clare Valley on Saturday was the result of a “freak” accident that had nothing to do with the ULP”.
He went on to further say:
“This party had absolutely nothing to do [with it]. Ralph Gonsalves or Julian Francis or anybody else in the leadership of the party; because the two names they are calling is Julian and Ralph”.
Why would Francis come forward and make such statements when no one had accused or said that either Gonsalves or he Francis had anything to do with such a dastardly matter?





Peter Dennie
Peter Dennie, an announcer at the pro-NDP privately owned radio station and prime social opposition to the politics of Ralph E. Gonsalves and his ULP government, met his untimely death in a suspicious fire at his residence where he was the only person who died.

Cecil Boatswain
Cecil Boatswain was living in St Vincent and the Grenadines and was having an open affair with the wife of one of the press secretaries to Prime Minister Gonsalves. When Boatswain left St Vincent he was believed to have tragically died at Diamond beach, swept away by the sea. Unfortunately Mr. Boatswain, is now said by one writer to have suffered a gruesome death at the hand of a hired killer on the island of Dominica.

Mr. Joslyn: The Servant of the Lord
The servant of the lord, as Mr. Emilius Joslyn was popularly called, was a resident of Cain Garden and a popular feature on the New Times interactive radio (call in) program that was hosted by EG lynch and sponsored by the New Democratic Party of SVG.
The servant of the lord would call in and highlight negative political, social and other events that were going on in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Mr. Joslyn was very critical of Ralph Gonsalves and his government and he tried to put the matters that he addressed into biblical prospective. Mr Joslyn, a retired man, who made his daily contribution on the New Times program, went missing, without a trace.



Ewart “Ells” King
Ells King an NDP supporter and know anti ULP person, was murdered in his bed in the most terrible way, stabbed to death. It was alleged that a man who escaped prison [the street even suggest he was released] “PM Gonsalves, who was overseas when King was killed, spoke of “the fear which comes into one where you are in your home, you are not troubling anybody, people break your house and come in to kill you”. Speaker of the House said “I was driving along the Sharpes Street area and this person was behind me blowing their horn incessantly and I couldn’t understand why he was doing that, only to look back in the rear-view mirror to see the person killing himself with laugh[ter],” Alexander said.
“… that was the kind of character Ells was: the kind of guy who you can’t afford to be mad with for any long time.
“And I was rather saddened when I got that news about three o’clock in the morning that he was killed. I think it is a really terrible thing and I know the pain and the suffering that family is enduring at this particular time…” Alexander further stated.
The problem is the young man alleged to have murdered Ells was waylayed by police whilst travelling in a bus. He was unarmed and ran to a bush but shot to death by the police. Later a van driver turned in a gun to the police who said it was Ells gun. We have never got to the bottom of this case, but many have doubts.


Edwardo Lynch
Edwardo was perhaps the biggest thorn in the side of the Unity Labour Party. Some say he was hounded to death, some say there was a conspiracy between a group and a foreign power secret service who somehow caused him damage.
I have no way of knowing if either of these scenarios are true.




Ralph Gonsalves: The Comrade, Old Bile II.
Remember Gonsalves his self said: January 20, 2011, SVG Parliament; speaking from Parliament Dr Ralph Gonsalves informed the nation that a plot to assassinate him had been unearthed.
It was not the first time the prime minister has spoken about such a threat he had done so several if not many times before, dating back to the 1970s. According to him security forces had indicated that within one week of the December 13, 2010, elections, the conspiracy to kill him was hatched by two cocaine traffickers. Well he seems to be the only one out of the bunch who is still alive and kicking, despite having a gammy foot and the inability to run, or even speed walk.




Please do not read into this something that is not there. I am not accusing or alleging that any particular person or persons had a hand in the deaths of any of the people shown above. I neither intend to express or imply such. I certainly do not wish any harm to Ralph E. Gonsalves his cousin Julian Francis, or the Speaker of the House Alexander, all of whom are referred to herein because they have spoken out about the subjects.

Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.
George Bernard Shaw

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