September 28, 2023

Aspire to create value and generate competitive advantage? Join the SMU CEO Programme | Apply Now

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Emeritus on behalf of Singapore Management University

Why invest in Leadership Development?

The role of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is evolving. 

CEOs have traditionally been expected to be beacons of hope through turbulent times and have known for a long time that navigating change and uncertainty are part of the role they take on. However, CEOs are facing a new wave of disruptions year on year and few have been trained to navigate the many multidimensional and overlapping disruptions we are seeing now (BCG , 2022).
Programme Details
Starts onSTARTS ON 30 June 2023
DurationDURATION 9 to 10 Months,
4-6 hours per week
FormatFORMAT Online
Programme FeesPROGRAMME FEES USD 13,000
How can CEOs take the lead on crucial societal issues and best position their companies to navigate barriers to change and growth?
Curated with a strong emphasis on real-world relevance to meet the challenging times and rapidly evolving business needs and trends, the Chief Executive Officer Programme offered by Singapore Management University will endow you with the competencies and skills required to build and lead your organisation with agility, for transformation and change.


Through video lectures delivered by SMU Faculty, you will deepen knowledge and hone skills in strategic conceptualisation and implementation, to address the multidimensional organisational challenges of tomorrow.

Demonstrate strategic thinking that supports innovative business models.
Strategise result-driven growth opportunities.
Devise digital business transformation plans.
Demonstrate data-driven decisions.
Analyse the implications of cultural, financial, technological, regulatory, ethical, and operational factors on business practice.
Demonstrate leadership skills in driving strategic change.
Develop future-proof organisations and workplaces.
Negotiate, influence, and build sustainable partnerships in diverse contexts.
Is this Programme Right for Me?The Chief Executive Officer programme is designed for Business Leaders with 15 or more years of experience, who want to:
●Develop a clearer vision with respect to the future of company and re-align the resources and approach towards the long-term directions
●Capitalise on technology and talent to spearhead the journey of your company in alignment with the global trends
●Make swift decisions with unstructured information and in a rapidly changing business environment
●Be a driver of change by leading strategies, negotiation skills, future trends, and executive presence
●Drive the organisation towards the required direction, building a legacy that will allow the organisation to run successful even in uncertain times
Flexible payment options starting from USD 3,770 available.
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Singapore Management University is collaborating with online education provider Emeritus to offer a portfolio of high-impact online programs. By working with Emeritus, we are able to broaden access beyond our on-campus offerings in a collaborative and engaging format that stays true to the quality of SMU.

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