February 6, 2023

Artist reimagines Disney Princesses

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Artist reimagines Disney Princesses as Tim Burton characters

By Heather Dockray From Mashable

Sleeping Beauty has never looked so … dead.

Los Angeles artist Andrew Tarusov has always been a fan of Disney movies and Tim Burton creations. And while many of these movies are geared towards children, Edward Scissorhands is about as far from Aladdin’s Jasmine as you can get (though they BOTH have great hair).

Recently, however, the artist decided to fuse the two genres and give a bunch of Disney characters a gothic makeover. Sure, Tim Burton and Walt Disney have *slightly* different outlooks on life, but the artists share a visual vocabulary. So Tarusov darkened the Disney palette, extended some limbs, and added some mascara. What we’re left with is this:


Image: Andrew Tarusov

Image: Tarusov.com

And this.

Image: Andrew Tarusov
And this glorious creation.
Image: Andrew Tarusov

Image: Andrew Tarusov

Image: Andrew Tarusov

Image: Andrew Tarusov

Image: Andrew Tarusov
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I don’t know how the idea came up,” Sullivan told Mashable. “It just happened and I began to draw immediately! It’s all drawn by pencil on paper and then colored in Photoshop on my computer.”

You can check out more of Sullivan’s awesome work here on his website: http://www.tarusov.com/

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