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Art@Governors proves once again a success

More than 100 artists came to the Governor’s garden to show the world their paintings, drawings, sculptures, and many other kinds of artwork for Art@Governors, Cayman’s most popular annual
art event.

The best thing about Art@Governors is everyone is welcome, and amateurs of all ages and all abilities get to rub shoulders with Cayman’s artistic elite.

There were lots of demonstrations and opportunities for visitors to get involved. Children and adults alike were being encouraged to paint and draw under the trained eye of an expert. There was even a potter’s wheel, with kids lining up to try their skill at making a small pot
or plate.

There were wood carvings, jewellery, and demonstrations of traditional Cayman crafts – everything from bags made from silver thatch leaves to making old-time Cayman games such as wooden spinning tops (known as gigs).

One of Cayman’s premier painters, and winner of the prestigious McCoy Art Award, Nickola McCoy-Snell was there too. Her acrylic paintings are so varied that it is difficult to fit neatly into any one category, but she is well-known for large abstract or semi-abstract canvasses, painted in acrylics.

Brothers in Art: Left to right Matthew and Mark Ebanks

Just around the corner from the Governor’s house, on the beach, Cayman’s ‘Catboat Man,’ Kem Jackson was busy taking visitors out for rides on his boat, the “Captain D”. Mr. Jackson is Vice President of the Cayman Catboat Club, a group dedicated to preserving catboats, as well as the art of sailing them, so that future generations will know all about one of Cayman’s best-loved
art forms.

But it really isn’t just visual arts at Art@Governors, its every kind of art, and this year there were musical offerings from Pandemonium Steel Band, the George Town Primary Quadrille Dancers and of course, Cayman’s newest musical sensation, the Cayman Islands Marching Band.

His Excellency Governor Duncan Taylor was having a good look around. “I’ve spent about an hour going around the Junior Achievement section, that is, people who are running companies, in Governor’s Square. Charles Long has some interesting art there, and I liked some of the stuff that is at the National Gallery Stand, but all of it is really good,” he said.

There was also a special tent where winners of the Governors Cup award could receive their certificates and trophies. The aim of the Cup is to promote excellence in the study of art, as well as rewarding talent and dedication to art among individual students, teachers, schools or members of the public.

Prospect Primary School won first place in the Primary division, and George Town Primary were runners up. Triple C School won first place in the Secondary division, and Cayman International School were the
runners up.

In addition, the Red Dot Award was introduced this year, where the Governor applies a red dot to his favourite piece of art work in each school display.

Twenty-year old twin brothers Matthew and Mark Ebanks, both former Lighthouse students, have been displaying their work at Art@Governors for several years now.  They had a wonderful display of drawings and paintings. Matthew is presently studying art at the UCCI. “I would like to continue pursuing my dream into art management,” he said.


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