November 27, 2020

Arrests for marine offences

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Two men have been arrested for a number of marine offences, one of which was being in possession of 42 times the legal quantity of conch.

About 2.30 pm on Monday 9 January, officers from the Joint Marine Unit and Bodden Town police station carried out an operation near the East End public beach, where two men were found in possession of a spear gun, 3 Lobsters and 421 Conch. The men,  aged 37 and 41 years,  were subsequently arrested on suspicion of possession of an unlicensed spear gun and taking Conch in excess of the prescribed limit.

Inspector Richard Harford of Bodden Town police station is reminding people that the Marine Conservation Law strictly limits the number of Conch that can be taken per day. “ The law is quite clear,” he said. “A person can take five Conch per day, or ten per boat. The two men arrested yesterday paid no heed whatsoever of the Law or of the need to conserve the valuable marine life in the Cayman Islands.”

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