September 28, 2020

Argyll officers and crew sample Cayman Islands hospitality


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HMS ARGYLL Visit to George Town, Grand Cayman 6-8 Oct 14HMS Argyll visits Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands witnessed the departure of Devonport based Royal Navy Warship HMS Argyll today after a three day community engagement and disaster relief planning visit

The visit to the British Overseas territory is part of her six-month deployment to the Caribbean and Northern Atlantic. It gave the crew an opportunity to provide training, support and reassurance to the Cayman Islands.

Ship 60HMS Argyll hosted local disaster management leaders onboard to discuss the capabilities a Type 23 Frigate could provide in the aftermath of a hurricane. Through the onboard discussion the ship’s company gained a greater understanding of the Cayman Islands and this will allow more effective assistance should a disaster occur. The ship also invited many local dignitaries, including the Governor, HE Helen Kilpatrick, onboard for an evening Reception and Capability demonstration.

HMS Argyll’s Commanding Officer, Commander Paul Hammond, said: “It was a great honour to visit Grand Cayman and to continue the long relationship between the Cayman Islands and the Royal Navy. I am delighted we had the opportunity to provide assistance ashore and that we now better understand how we can assist in the event of a hurricane or other disaster.”

DI GOV Argyll at NorthwardDuring the visit 25 members of Ship’s Company stepped ashore to assist in the maintenance and restoration of the local prison. This involved repainting surfaces, but also extended to some heavier maintenance on the structure of the building itself. At the same time the Cayman Marine Unit received boarding training from HMS Argyll’s Royal Navy Boarding Team.

Steward Tony Biggar said: “This has been a good opportunity to teach the local marine unit some of our techniques and for us to learn from them.” He added: “The marine unit and everyone on Grand Cayman have made us feel really welcome here; I really hope I have the opportunity to visit again during my career!”

DI GOV Argyll at FairbanksHMS Argyll has deployed to the Caribbean region to provide reassurance and, if required, humanitarian aid and disaster relief support to the UK’s British Overseas Territories and other islands during the hurricane season. HMS Argyll will also conduct counter narcotics patrols in conjunction with the US Coast Guard to enhance regional security and deter illicit activity.


Courtesy: HMS Argyll, Ldg Airman (Photog.) Stephen Johncock

  1. HMS Argyll played friendly football against a team of prisoners from Northward. The prisoners won 4-1.

Governor BrownsCourtesy: GIS

  1. Surgeon Lieutenant Sophie Hawkes, Royal Navy, toured the Cayman Islands Hospital and met with staff.
  2. The Argyll’s officers helped to resurface the athletic courts at the rear of HMP Fairbanks.

Courtesy: HMCIPS

  1. At HMP Northward, a team from the Argyll also erected a chain-link fenced goat pen to contain the prison’s goat herd.            

 Group 1

HMS Argyll Officers at Cayman Islands Government House

Her Excellency the Governor, Helen Kilpatrick, invited HMS Argyll, the visiting British warship’s officers, headed by their captain, Commander Paul Hammond, to dine with her at Government House on Tuesday, 7 October 2014.

Also attending were Defence Advisor to the Caribbean, Lt. Col Patrick Brown, Mrs. Jenelle Brown, Head of the Governor’s Office, Mr. Gary Benham and the Governor’s daughter, Ms Olivia Connolly.

HMS ARGYLL Visit to George Town, Grand Cayman 6-8 Oct 14 HMS ARGYLL Visit to George Town, Grand Cayman 6-8 Oct 14 HMS ARGYLL Visit to George Town, Grand Cayman 6-8 Oct 14 HMS ARGYLL Visit to George Town, Grand Cayman 6-8 Oct 14Photo captions: Photos by Bina Mani

Photo 1: L-r: Lt. Anna Plant, Mr. Gary Benham, Lt. Col. Patrick Brown, Lt. Col. Adam Prevett, Mrs. Jenelle Brown, Lt. Cdr. Charles Wheen, Governor Helen Kilpatrick, Lt. Sophie Hawkes, Commanding Officer Cdr. Paul Hammond, Lt. Craig Clark, Ms Olivia Connolly and Lt. Cdr. Hugh Maddison

Photo 2: The Governor chats with the ship’s captain, Cdr. Paul Hammond (right) and Lt. Cdr. Charles Wheen

Photo 3: Governor Helen Kilpatrick (right) with British Defence Advisor to the Caribbean, Lt. Col. Patrick Brown and Mrs. Jenelle Brown


HMS Argyll vs Cayman Islands President’s XV

The Cayman Islands won the game 31-0. Derek Haines organised the match.

Images credit HMS Argyll.




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