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Are Omega 3 fatty acids important to your eye health?

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Omega-3 fatty acids have been credited for having several health benefits. They are more commonly used to aid in improving heart health, promoting brain development, and reducing inflammation in different body parts. Omega-3 fatty acids are also tested and proven effective in protecting the body against chronic conditions, depression, and anxiety. Aside from these, several clinical studies have confirmed that omega-3 fatty acids help improve eye health.

A type of omega-3 called DHA plays an important role in enriching the structural component of the eye’s retina. So, consuming omega-3 fatty acids, whether through supplements or foods, can help fight vision-related diseases. This article will explain how omega-3 fatty acids fight off dry eye syndrome, glaucoma, and macular degeneration.

Dry eye syndrome

Tears are essential in keeping the eyes clean. We naturally tear a bit whenever our eyes are irritated or exposed to harsh environments. However, there are times when our eyes cannot produce enough tears, called dry eye syndrome. Patients with dry eye syndrome may experience discomfort, light sensitivity, itchiness, and blurry vision. Mild dry eye cases can be treated with eye drops, artificial tears, and lacrimal plugs. After the treatment, patients are advised to take omega-3 supplements to lower the risk of having dry eyes again. You can also modify your diet by incorporating tuna and other omega-3-rich food.


Glaucoma is an invasive eye condition that damages your optic nerve, which delivers visual information to the brain. It is commonly caused by extremely high pressure inside the eyes. As a result, people with glaucoma may experience nausea, severe eye pain, blurry vision, and vomiting. If not treated properly, glaucoma can lead to partial vision loss and even complete blindness. People with severe cases of glaucoma may need to undergo surgery. Luckily, recent studies have shown that essential fatty acids help drain the fluid inside the eye, which is caused by too much pressure. Experts advise patients with glaucoma to take omega-3 supplements, use tuna and flaxseed, and include more nuts and seafood in their diets.

Myopic macular degeneration

Myopic macular degeneration, or degenerative myopia, is a severe eye condition that can lead to permanent vision loss. This condition is more common among nearsighted people. Slow degenerative changes in the structure of the eyes cause MMD. People with MMD may experience difficulty seeing shades of color, dim light, and adjusting to the light. They may also experience distorted visions and see black spots and lines. People with MMD may benefit from taking omega-3 supplements. However, according to experts, eating foods rich in omega-3, like oily fish, plant oils, nuts, and seeds, is much more effective in lowering the risk for macular degeneration.

Final thoughts

Omega-3 fatty acids can do wonderful things to a person’s eye health. You can try taking omega-3 supplements, but it is much better to incorporate foods rich in omega-3 into your diet.


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