February 8, 2023

Appeal to Bahamas PM to release property

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800px-Perry_Christie_2013_(cropped)Due to Cuba’s resurgence and the Baha Mar debacle etc., I am again requesting Prime Minister Perry Christie to put aside jealousy, envy, and victimization and release my private property to help this nation in deep crisis

From  Anthony M. Wright

20th July 2015

Rt. Hon. Perry Christie

Prime Minister

Minister of Finance

P.O.Box CB-10980

Nassau, NP


Dear Prime Minister:

RE: The Hypocritical Audacity And Gall Of You And The Attorney General  Attempting To Wind-Up Baha Mar For 58 Million Bah Dollars When You, The Government And Judiciary Are Criminally Withholding My Unopposed 2008 Ex Debito Justitae Winding Up Order Against The Absolutely Statutory Insolvent National Insurance Board And Bahamas Government, that you verified as my attorney In March 2002 Owed Me Over 70 Billion US Dollars Etc With Interest From 1994.

Attached are copies of my registered letters to you dated 4th and 11th March 2013 cc to all and sundry with pertinent attachments which speaks for itself regarding my very viable solution to help the Bahamas and My People, that you failed to respond to and are wilfully obstructing to the detriment and peril of the nation and benefit of Aviva PLC and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme in the UK.

You ignored the abovementioned despite being fully aware of my attached unopposed winding up petition against the established statutory and absolutely insolvent National Insurance Board And Government of the Bahamas that you also verified as my former attorney from 2002. In addition, the supporting attached 13th March 2008 affidavit with criminal allegations and charges against you et. al. are unopposed and unrebutted. Which are voluntary confessions and admissions to the contents of my affidavit, which in commercial law and our commercial court is sovereign truth and law, leaving nothing for the Supreme Court or anybody else to resolve. Yet from 16th July 2008, my entitled ex debito justitae winding up order against the National Insurance Board and Government is still being criminally withheld along with my court transcripts and the falsification of my 17th December 2009 Court Appeal Majority judgment on their website via the removal of pages 4 and 11.

Subsequent to your ignoring of my above mention letters and refusal to pay the 2002 settlement proposal in the interest of the Public, I filed an additional uncontested application dated 25th October 2013 requesting the Supreme Court to Order pursuant to article 28 of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas 1973, that the National Insurance Board and Government pay my outstanding three 1996 checks and fully pay my outstanding multibillion US dollars judgment debt by a certain date or in the further alternative, a charging order nisi. The application was supported by my attached unopposed unrebutted 6th December 2013 affidavit, which further ratified via sovereign truth and law the Supreme Courts rulings of 2000 by assistant Registrar Indira Demeritte-Francis, 16th July 2008 by Registrar Donna Newton AND 14th November 2008 and 12th February 2009 by Senior Justice John Lyons that NIB and Government owe me a partially paid Medical Appeal Tribunal judgment debt of over 70 billion US dollars with interest from 1994. In addition that the Court of Appeal by a majority judgment via President Dame Joan Sawyer and now Chief Justice Hartman Longley further ratified the judgment debt owed to me. As a result the Office of the Attorney General the attorneys on record for NIB and the Government refuse to further represent them in my collection matters. With Justice Ian Winder your former law partner corruptly recusing himself to illegally avoid making my entitled ex debito justitiae Supreme Court Order against NIB and the Bahamas Government. In the interim, former Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett and current Chief Justice Sir Hartman Longley and the judiciary continue to criminally withhold my ex debito justitae  court orders, court transcripts etc.. Despite the Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson advising him to rectify the abovementioned judicial misconduct, abuse of power, and perverting of the course of justice and constitution of this Nation, to steal and nationalize my private property. The irony and irrationality of this situation is, as my former attorney and the Chief Justice as the former Justice of the Court of Appeal, you both further verify the outstanding multibillion US dollars debt owed to me by NIB and the Government. Yet you both are now criminally withholding my 2008 and 2013 ex debito justitiae orders; despite having admitted and confessed to the above-mentioned via my two unopposed unrebutted affidavit.

Please note from Dr. Michael Neville’s recent Life of Crime Series in the Tribune he stated that “jealousy and envy-two emotions that could be described as the toxic renewable energy that fuels much of the negative behavior that is both running and ruining the Bahamas.” also, “this is the destructive force that is affecting the rebuilding of the bahamas and preventing able people from helping this Nation and each other. Which basically is “I cannot have this so nor can anyone else.” The above statements by Dr. Michael Neville aptly describes you, Deputy Prime Minister Philip Davis, Justice Ian Winder my terminated disgruntled former attorneys, both PLP, FNM Government, their leaders and the legal fraternity, especially Chief Justice Sir Hartman Longley and the judiciary because in their small envious jealous minds despite the law, indisputable hard evidence, authorities, judgments, unrebutted affidavits etc. it is inconceivable to them that a pro se can accomplish what I have done, despite betrayal by all of my attorneys,political and judicial corruption; against three corporate concurrent tortfeasors in the Bahamas, UK and Canada. With the largest by operation of law assigned statutory protect multi billion US dollars policy proceeds in the history of the Bahamas, UK, Canada and the world. 

Once again I request that you the cabinet and NIB pay my proposal so that I can help the Bahamas and my people in these catastrophic times or cease obstructing the course of justice to protect Aviva PLC PLC and UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme. By allowing Chief Justice Sir Hartman Longley and The Bahamas Judiciary to obey the rule of law,order,justice to perform their legal duty and grant my two 2008 and 2013 ex debito justitiae court orders against National Insurance Board as advised by the Attorney General Allyson Maynard Gibson. Because any foreign investor that is aware of the above mentioned and the current attempt by you and government again in collusion with the judiciary to intervene in the private commercial matter to seize the private property of Baha Mar will run from the Bahamas. Especially since the 1994 Medical Appeal Tribunal partially paid judgment debt, my undisputed unsatisfied statutory demand based on the judgment debt, the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal further ratification, my unopposed winding up petition and application, with my unrebutted affidavit etc. established me as the owner of all of the equity in the National Insurance board and Bahamas Government. As a result the insolvent Bahamas Government have no equity in the 14 Baha Mar Companies, The National Insurance Board or anything else  and have no locus standi to wind up Baha Mar or any other Company. Conclusive evidence that the Bahamas government have illegally utilize my private property to run this Nation, pay themselves their families, cronies and control the masses.

Hence, in view of the overwhelming conclusive public documented evidence in all and sundry possession, consisting of my partially paid judgment debt, my undisputed unresisted unsatisfied statutory demand, further ratification by the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal and my unrebutted unopposed affidavits etc. along with your 2002 verification; all of the false hoods, deceit, denial, silence or delusion by you, the government and anybody else will not and cannot change the above mentioned exposed historic phenomenal admissions, confessions and sovereign truth further establishing my protected accruing multibillion US dollars etc. private property and the fact that the National Insurance Board and Bahamas Government was absolutely insolvent from 1994. 

Right now my priority is the rescue, welfare and future development of this seriously ill nation, with you and the political and legal elite been the biggest obstacle. Please if you have any honour,dignity,integrity,self respect and concern for the welfare and bright future for the Bahamas and our people, please cease illegally obstructing me, because I am the only short and long term viable solution to the current catastrophic problems this nation is now experiencing.As proven by the lack of solution from you,the government or FNM and DNA political party.This is not about politics,this is about a able person wanting to help his Nation and his people in peril without political and judicial obstruction. 


                                                                                                                                            Anthony M. Wright


Letter dated 2015 but resent to the media today Monday July 27th 2016

IMAGE: IMO Secretary-General with the Prime Minister of the Bahamas, the Right Honourable Perry Gladstone Christie. At the ceremony for Dr. Thomas Mensah’s award of the International Maritime Prize for 2012, at IMO HQ, London, 21/11/2013. Wikipedia

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