June 24, 2021

Another petition to stop cruelty at Cayman Islands Turtle Farm

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unnamedBy Chris Wolverton From Care2

Stop the mistreatment and slaughter of sea turtles!

Forced to fight for space in cramped and dirty tanks. Picked up out of the water and handled by oblivious tourists every day. Slaughtered for human consumption.

The life and death of a green sea turtle at the Cayman Turtle Farm is cruel on so many levels. That is why University of Oxford researchers recently named the farm as one of the world’s cruelest tourist attractions. Please sign Chris’ petition demanding that the Cayman Turtle Farm stop mistreating and slaughtering its turtles.

In the wild, the green sea turtle is a solitary creature that spends its life swimming long distances in clear, clean ocean waters. At the farm, the turtles are kept confined in breeding tanks as tourist attractions. Many of them are then slaughtered and sold for their meat. The Cayman Turtle Farm is the last farm to breed turtles for consumption.

Unfortunately, Tripadvisor recently awarded the farm the 2015 Certificate of Excellence. The award is based purely on positive reviews from tourists who visited the attraction unaware that handling turtles can hurt them. It is also doubtful that many of the visitors knew the baby turtles their kids were holding would end up on someone’s dinner plate someday.

The Cayman Turtle Farm will not change its ways as long as tourists continue to go to the attraction. That is why we must spread the word about its cruel treatment of sea turtles. Sign this petition demanding that the farm stop breeding sea turtles to be slaughtered and sold for meat.

If enough people speak out and the farm receives enough negative attention, then maybe it will be convinced to transition into a wildlife preserve that focuses on protecting and caring for its turtles.

SOURCE: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/630/225/700/?z00m=27263195&redirectID=1912179750

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