December 3, 2021

Anguilla’s police chief heading probe in BVI

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David-Morris_home David-Baines paul-MorrisonFrom BVI News

The police have given the clearest indication yet that the probe into alleged corruption within the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) is not yet over, adding that a new man is now in charge.

The commissioner of police from Anguilla, Paul Morrison, is now heading the investigation dubbed Operation Lucan.

The operation was previously headed by the commissioner of police in the Cayman Islands, David Baines.

While announcing the leadership change today (June 6), the Royal Anguilla Police Force indicated the importance of external oversight.

“Following the retirement of Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Commissioner David Baines, it has been announced today that Police Commissioner Paul Morrison of the Royal of the Royal Anguilla Police Force will undertake the role of Gold Commander of Operation Lucan.”

“Mr Morrison’s role ensures the continued external oversight of the investigation, and he will travel to the British Virgin Islands in the near future to meet with the Lucan investigation team,” added the Royal Anguilla Police Force.

When the probe just started, the then Commissioner of Police here in the British Virgin Islands David Morris was in charge.

He later asked to be removed, adding that it was important ‘to allow for a completely independent inquiry avoiding any influences within the RVIPF’.

The investigation commenced in November 2014 following concerns raised regarding allegations of police corruption in the RVIPF by a number of serving officers.

Following what the police described as a lengthy and complex investigation, three serving officers of the RVIPF were slapped with a number of criminal charges.

Those charged and interdicted from the RVIPF are: Pamphill Prevost from the Commonwealth of Dominica, Shawn Henry from Jamaica, and Simon Power who is a Belonger here in the British Virgin Islands.

It is being alleged that, between 2012 and 2014, the law enforcers stole drugs and/or money seized from persons involved in criminal activities.

They appeared in court and were granted bail.


Paul Morrison

Former Commissioner of Police David Morris

David Baines of the Cayman Islands

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