June 7, 2023

An Investigator’s Dream

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An Investigator’s Dream –
OffshoreAlert vGlobal 2021

The latest tools, databases, and techniques to help you investigate and understand high-value international finance will be on display at next month’s week-long OffshoreAlert vGlobal virtual conference.

Leaders in intelligence, investigations, and recovery will show attendees how to increase their chances of success in an area that’s fraught with risk.

For four straight days, there will be half-a-day of sessions followed by 30 minutes of Speed Networking in which attendees can go into a virtual room and be randomly paired with others for one-on-one networking of up to three minutes per meeting and a maximum of 10 meetings.

Each of these days will have its own theme – Offshore, Investigations, Recovery, and Crypto – so people all over the world with a common interest can gather in one place at one time to learn, meet, and conduct business.

The fifth and final day will comprise two keynote sessions on topics of global interest.

OffshoreAlert vGlobal virtual conference will take place from December 6th to 10th. Live sessions and all networking events are FREE, while there is a nominal charge of $75 for those also wanting access to recordings.

Full information can be found at www.oavglobal.com.
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Agenda Outline

  • The ICIJ v. Offshore Finance
  • Tax Enforcement Update: The IRS v. Offshore
  • Fact vs. Fiction: Q&A With Offshore Experts
  • How to Avoid Becoming the Next ‘Pandora Papers’
  • Meet the Offshore Experts


  • GreyList Trace’s AI-Based Asset Tracing Algorithm (Product Demo)
  • Investigator’s Guide to Swiss Banking
  • Using Data to Map Organized Crime & Grand Corruption
  • Must-Have OSINT Tools for Financial Investigations
  • vLex’s Global Legal Intelligence Database (Product Demo)
  • ZENRS (Product Demo)
  • Meet the Investigators


  • Litigation Funding: Latest Developments
  • Databases & Tools to Find Hidden Assets
  • High-Value International Recovery: Tips (Part One)
  • High-Value International Recovery: Tips (Part Two)
  • Meet the Recovery Experts


  • The Future of Money or Fool’s Gold?
  • Crypto Intelligence: Trends & Developments
  • How to Investigate Crypto
  • How to Recover Crypto
  • Meet the Crypto Experts

FREE—Reserve Your Spot Now


OffshoreAlert’s second annual virtual conference on intelligence, investigations, and recovery for participants in high-value international finance will take place on December 6-10.

vGlobal 2021 will be five days of live and on-demand sessions, Q&A, themed days, video and chat networking, product demos, and interactive booths so clients, investigators, investors, and providers all over the world can learn, meet, and conduct business.

“We’re building on last year’s hugely-successful inaugural event, which attracted 1,200 registrants from dozens of countries on different continents,” said David Marchant, OffshoreAlert’s founder, owner, and editor. “It’s a compact, focused, one-stop conference for all participants in high-value international finance, whatever your role.

“Wherever you are around the world, you will have direct access to experts you otherwise wouldn’t meet or would have to travel far and give up a lot of time to do so – all without leaving your home or office.”

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