February 28, 2020

An Election Day yellow hibiscus from the Publisher


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJoan Wilson, iNews Publisher

I want to present to you a yellow hibiscus from my garden as my token for peace, love, courage and delicate beauty on this our General Election Day.

Please download and treasure it.

I pray our election will bring peace and unification to everyone on our country instead of division.

IMG_0804IMG_0808I pray we will at long last find love and not hate, even if our neighbor has opposing views and has not voted as we have done.

I pray that the elected members of the Legislative Assembly will have the courage to put our country first and vote their conscience even if it might be unpopular.

I pray that we all will see the delicate beauty that surrounds us as we go to the polling stations. A beauty that is so fragile it can be destroyed unless we vote for persons who can see this beauty, appreciate its fragility and will protect it over the perceived monetary gains that will see its destruction.IMG_0803

I am Joan

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